Liverpool: No Top 4 this Season, but the Future's Bright Under Dalglish

Gary M. ThomasContributor IIFebruary 28, 2011

An unhappy Dalglish & Lee at the West Ham defeat
An unhappy Dalglish & Lee at the West Ham defeatScott Heavey/Getty Images

So, the long-shot dream of a top-four place for Liverpool this season was all but mathematically ended at Upton Park last weekend.

As one who desperately believed the club could still get there once Hodgson left, the relatively flat performances against both Wigan and West Ham were disappointing on many levels.

As one who championed for the return of Kenny Dalglish for a year and a half before he was appointed, there will certainly be no second guessing in this column of him and the coaching staff after just two months. 

Fans just have to remember the team flirting in and with the relegation zone for almost the entire tenure of Roy Hodgson.

The mere fact that less than a couple of months after he left, we could even dream of a long-shot bid for the top four just speaks volumes for how bad he was and/or how good Kenny is. We may also wonder about "what ifs" in terms of how much earlier Hodgson could have gone. 

Ideally, he should have gone after the Merseyside defeat (which was NESV's first game as owners).

If he had left then, the club could have been fighting for much more than fourth.

As the saying goes however, it's no use crying over spilt milk (or bad advice in this case). 

Instead, the club and its supporters can look forward to a renewal (as early as next season) of LFC fighting it out for the title.

To any who say this is far fetched, just reflect on how big a difference Dalglish and Clarke have been for the very same "poor" squad that Hodgson would have everyone believe we had.

To this, add having not one, but two top-class and hungry strikers for the new season, as well as a manager who will address the rest of the weak areas that have been criminally neglected by previous incumbents—owners and managers)—for far too long.

Reflect also on stable ownership and management for the first time in many years, and a most welcome return to the "Liverpool Way" of conducting club business.

And also a summer free of "will he go, won't he go" for our top players—and yes, this assumes that Reina is the true gentleman that we all believe him to be.