A Rematch Between UFC Welterweights BJ Penn and Jon Fitch Has to Happen

James HizonaCorrespondent IMarch 3, 2011

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - FEBRUARY 23:  BJ Penn (L) and Jon Fitch (R) of the USA pose up during a Press Conference ahead of UFC 127 at Star City on February 23, 2011 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)
Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

In the "Land of Down Unda," UFC fans and fighters witnessed a great match between top UFC Welterweights BJ Penn and Jon Fitch. Both fighters went through all three rounds, and the fight ended up a draw.

But the result was not without controversy.

The main event of UFC 127 brought up a lot of questions once "The Voice of The Octagon" Bruce Buffer said that the fight was a draw.

The match went back and forth the first two rounds, but in the third, Fitch literally beat up the Former UFC Champion for most of the round. Penn's face even looked like he was beat up.

Penn was brilliant with his game-plan, shooting straight for the takedown as soon as the fight started. Fitch was totally taken off guard.

But by midway through the second round and into the the third, he was able to catch his groove, which was taking the former Lightweight champion down with some ground and pound.

In the first, Penn got Fitch's back but was unable to finish him off with a choke. Fitch was able to show the world that he is extremely tough to finish, as even a fighter with a wicked ground game like Penn's could not choke out the former Purdue wrestling captain.

The reasons a rematch should happen is Fitch needs to notch a victory over someone of Penn's caliber, and Penn needs a rematch to prove that he can still hang with the Welterweight division.

Sure, he put away longtime adversary and UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes in 21 seconds. But Hughes is at the final stages of his career.

Penn is pretty much in the same place as Former UFC Middleweight Champion Rich Franklin. Franklin dominated the middleweight division and then along came a "Spider" in Anderson Silva and, well, we all know what that man has done.

Penn is at the point of his career where he needs to find a division he can call home, whether it be welterweight or lightweight. He has to establish his dominance once again. That is, if he still has any dominance left.

A victory over Penn would definitely solidify Fitch as the No. 1 contender for the UFC Welterweight Championship.

Let's be real. GSP will most likely be the champion after he faces Jake Shields.

If there were a rematch, Fitch would certainly be prepared for Penn's takedowns.

I was surprised Penn did not soften Fitch up with his superb boxing skills, but it looked like "The Prodigy" wanted to finish Fitch on the ground with a submission.

If the same Fitch from the third round of their first encounter shows up, we will see another dominance on Penn by another superior wrestler.

If Fitch were to beat Penn, another rematch between he and GSP would and should be next.

Both fighters have evolved since then, and I think that Fitch can give GSP another five-round fight, but this time he is going to bring the fight to the Canadian-born champion.

Well those are my thoughts, time for you to voice your opinions.

Do you think a rematch between Penn and Fitch should happen? Is Penn needing a division to call home? Or is Fitch ready to have a title shot without a rematch?

Until then this is Balistik signing out.