WWE News: Sin 'Mistico' Cara Is WWE's Next Big Thing?

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIFebruary 27, 2011

Throughout North America there has been a ton of talk about one Sin Cara, known to his Mexican fans as the great Mistico.

One of the top lucha libres in the world, Mistico has seemingly done it all. He has won titles, and fought amazing opponents in Mexico, some of which you may have heard of if your a fan down in Mexico.

I recently visited Mexico, and you wouldn't believe the support behind this man, it's incredible.

As we all know, pro wrestling or "sports entertainment" is considered a sport like football or baseball is here. It is huge down there, and we all know the WWE realizes this. It's why they continue to push Rey Mysterio at us and have signed a ton of Mexican stars in recent years.

In fact, Alberto Del Rio is one of WWE's success stories in that they have pushed him and he has continued to do well in everything he has been asked to do. Some think he may fall under the pushed-down-our-throats category, but if he continues to entertain and seemingly deserve all he's gotten, then I couldn't be upset at all.

Del Rio however is 33 years old, which means in WWE time he's only got about another seven years if that. Luckily for Del Rio, he hasn't sustained any horrible injuries in either his wrestling or MMA career.

However, he is not the future of the WWE in that he cannot be around at wrestle at a high level for another 10 to 15 years.

His ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriquez who is 25, has a better chance of being the future of WWE than Del Rio does because of his age. I highly doubt Double R will be and was just an example.

But keep this in mind—Del Rio was against the signing of Mistico. And for rightful reasons in many minds.

Think about it: You're 33, reaching 34 pretty quick, and a 28-year-old Mexican phenom is coming into the WWE and reportedly bypassing developmental and headed straight to the main roster.

Even Del Rio hit the FCW developmental territory for a while before being called up. And a guy whose younger and some feel is more exciting to watch than you, younger, and massively and I mean MASSIVELY popular in Mexico is coming in, you rightfully have permission to worry.

Mistico is basically WWE's replacement for Rey Mysterio. Rey Rey is on his last leg, literally, the man has had surgery on one knee more than the other. The WWE needs another lucha star to come in and excite the crowd and be the future for WWE's Hispanic audience.

While in Mexico, I was talking to a few guys about wrestling while I was looking at some masks to take home with me from there. They kept pointing to masks and saying "Rey Mysterio." "Rey Mysterio," in order to relate to the American wrestling fan.

However, I caught them off-guard by asking for Mistico, Mascaras, and Caras masks. They flipped out with excitement because they finally met a guy who they could talk to about Mexican wrestling. They were huge fans of wrestling, which was why they were selling masks I guess.

But the thing is, because wrestling is so big, events were happening all the time throughout the country, especially in the tourist type city I was in. Mistico was brilliantly praised by many and if you look at the video I attached, you can easily understand why.

The thing about Mistico, is that, and this may kind of be a tough pill to swallow for him, Mistico coming out of Mexico into WWE has far more of a following than Dos Caras Jr. (Alberto Del Rio) when he came in.

Why? Well, the smaller stars are bigger in Mexico while the heavyweights are bigger in America.

This is why Del Rio may be far bigger in America than he ever was in Mexico.

However, Mistico will have both American and Mexican fans on his side. Sure, Del Rio still has a nice Hispanic following, but because he is one of two big Hispanic stars in WWE, he has a 50/50 chance of being the biggest star between them. I like his chances!

But when Mistico comes in, we have an issue. He will be bigger than Del Rio, hands down.

Why? Lucha wrestlers while bigger in Mexico, still excite fans in America. Heck, every kid I know loves Rey Rey, but when he's gone, they'll flock to a new lucha star, which will be Mistico.

Basically if you want to know about Mistico, I say look him up online. But I'll try to explain him: He's like Rey Mysterio in WCW and ECW—older fans know what I'm talking about with that.

For you younger fans, he's like Rey Rey, but with more exciting new moves and he's faster and young to boot.

WWE.com now has an interview with the Mexican superstar. WWE never does this with brand new stars, simply because no one knows about them in their fan-bubble.

Happily the WWE is doing this to help us know who he is—which is a good thing obviously—but it's something they really haven't done before with young stars who haven't been in an American company before WWE.

Also, there was a big press conference down in Mexico for the new WWE Superstar Sin Cara. Cara even hit ESPN deportes.

So obviously this is being treated as one of the biggest pick ups in WWE's recent history. If your Del Rio, again you have to feel bad seeing this. All this hype behind a younger guy, and you had virtually none coming in.

Now as I said, Mistico is bypassing developmental, but when he will debut is up in the air. Some like myself believe he will after WrestleMania on the SmackDown brand to both take the place of a potentially retiring Mysterio and feud with Del Rio.

Some are asking why WWE changed his name. Wasn't something they wanted to do most likely. The CMLL owns the name it seems, so this is why WWE changed it.

CMLL stated during their press conference yesterday that they had offered Mistico a new deal two weeks ago, though that was after he had signed with WWE. CMLL said they are retaining the rights, and that they will be eventually putting a someone under the mask as Mistico II, a la Tiger Mask II.

This is idiotic to say the least seeing as with Tiger Mask, it was a character and that only where it could have a different person play it.

Lord Humongous is another example of this in the Indy world. Different people play the simple character. But Mistico got big, not by character, but wrestling skill. Mistico II won't work out the same way a Tiger Mask or something would have.

Sorry CMLL, dumb idea.

I can understand the bitterness they have and they obviously do have the right to keep the name. WWE could buy it from them, but obviously pride will not allow this from the oldest wrestling company in the world, CMLL.

Let me know what you think about CMLL refusing to sell the rights and if this is a good business move.

The one thing we will see with Mr. Sin Cara, is that his name translates into "faceless" and he will be debuting a new mask upon his WWE debut. Personally, I like the name, especially since Del Rio's Mexican name, Dos Caras, stood for "two faces."

I, for one, am excited to see what he brings to the WWE, and he is obviously being built into the WWE's next big thing.


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