Dubz Is Thinking: The Dolphins Got One Thing Right

Corey KoehlerSenior Analyst ISeptember 25, 2008

Contributor: James “Dubz” Cross is a fantasy football blogging veteran, hip hop head and BBQ master. You can find him on a regular basis on his blog DoubleDanger.com.

When I was listening to Sirius, and the Pats were down big against the Dolphins - I was surprised like everyone else… really who thought that was going to happen.  Same with the Bengals going into OT with the G.I. ANTS, surprised by that one as well.  Any given Sunday rang true this past weekend… like it or not.

“If A Professional Football Can’t Beat The Patriots, How About A College Team?”

I think the gameplan for the Dolphins was perfect.  In the NFL, with all the studying that goes on each week… teams & players watching footage all offseason… it isn’t hard to be prepared for a team.  In fact, you can go back and view tapes and schemes of coaches in past situations, past teams… hell, just about anything you want to look at.  This makes preparing for a team easier and easier each time you play them.  However, this past Sunday we watched a team pull a fast one on a team that is probably the “best” (even to the point of illegal activities) at preparation.

I get the feeling that when the Dolphins were preparing for the Pats they thought… no one has beat these guys in the regular season in the past year.  So why not flip the script.  Let’s go college-style on these guys and see what that does.

As you can tell, it does wonders.  The option?  Really?  Who readies their team for the option anymore?  Direct snaps?  WHAT?!?!  Not only that, but who does it more than once a game?  Whatever works right?  Whatever gets the “W”.

“Ocho Who?”

More like “zero goal-o” or something.  I said that with a deep Spanish accent if it counts.  The Bengals have to be shaking their collective heads after another lackluster performance for Chad Johnson Ocho Cinco.  I know he gets the most coverage, I guess - but seriously… 29 yards?  Give me a break.  I hope those of you that took a chance on him this year, are crapping your pants about now.  What is his trade value at this point?  Prolly could get Royal for him… or Roddy White.  Nah, doubt it.

Maybe you could get Ricky Williams or something.  The option is coming back I hear. 

“Trent Green Is Back?  Bulger Out.  Does It Matter Though?”

Rams are playing some of the worst football in… well football.  You almost don’t want to call it football.  Assball is more like it.  They are playing the best assball in football.  Torry Holt owners are crying inside.  Steven Jackson owners wondering when the passing game will open up so he can maybe get 8 men out of the box for once.  Isaac Bruce… oh wait, he’s gone to greener pastures - sorta.  Who would have thought San Fran would have been a greener pasture?  Not I.

I hope Green brings the passing game back, I own Holt in a league and he is worth about as much as my kicker.  Actually.  Nevermind.  For some reason I feel Trent Green will do good, but… I think I had that feeling last time, then he laid motionless on the ground in KC.  Let’s hope my visions are faulty.

“Larry Johnson FINALLY Gets Some Carries, Yards & TDs.”

Dear Kansas City Chiefs,

Please realize that running the ball is where it’s at.  You might not win, but NO ONE OWNS YOUR QBs.  Trust me.  Think about the little guys out here banking on LJ’s ROI.



Is Sunday’s game a sign they might go back to their bread & butter?  Prolly not.  I’m sure they will end up putting Huard back in and mucking it up.  Thinking they are a passing team or something.  Let’s hope not, for LJ’s sake anyhow.  And for my fantasy team’s sake.  And yours.  I took a chance on him knowing it might not pan out… until this last week - I felt that might be the case.  121 yards and a TD will work each week… at least for me it will.  Until I can figure something else out.

“The ‘Skins Beat The Cowboys On Their Way To The Super Bowl!”

Sorry, I’m drunk again.  The Skins have won two in a row and I get excited ok… sue me.  The Cowboys handled the Packers like their dirty laundry on Sunday Night Football.  But being a Skins Fan in Texas, is like having VD at an orgy… you get NO love.  This is the one week were football gets really interesting around these parts.  Where I can either get beat up in a restroom or live to see another week of football.  Rednecks love some Cowboys.  And they drink a lot.  So do I.  Not a good combo.  Sometimes when it gets close to the end and I have talked crap all week and we are winning… I worry about life and how my wife will deal with the loss of a husband due to a drunken squab in the parking lot after the Skins owned the Cowgirls (thats what I call them when I want to fight).  This week will be no different.  If you don’t read “Dubz Is Thinking” next week… spread my ashes near the old RFK and play “Hail To The Redskins” in my honor.

No Cowboys fans invited please.  Sorry Mom.  Send a card.

Do you realize we are a almost at the quarter pole of the football season?  Freakin’ sad huh?  I hate realizations like that.  Let’s not think about it.  May your beers be cold, your couch/recliner be comfy and your team hand it to your deepest rival this week.  Oh yeah, and hopefully your fantasy team does your justice.  Good luck.