Crossing Paths: Why WWE Keeps Trucking and TNA Wrestling Is Still Sluggish

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIFebruary 26, 2011

History is made every day, whether it is something small or something that will impact one's daily life forever.

History is made so we as human beings won't retract and make the same mistakes. Sometimes, the past can help—to build and construct a bright idea.

Pro Wrestling is one of those factors like many others to use history to build off of it. Maybe TNA Wrestling should take better notes then!

TNA Wrestling entered the wrestling world in 2002 which was founded by Jeff & Jerry Jarrett after the decline of all know the rest.

TNA Wrestling seemed to be something new and refreshing. Especially after breathing the same WW(F)E air for a while now.

Leading the front for this new innovative new style of Pro Wrestling programming was TNA's X-Division. Yes, we seen this before as WCW had the Cruiserweight and WWE had the Lightweight wrestlers and titles. But this was different; TNA took this unique style and turned it way up!

TNA crossed boundaries by even doing main-event runs for the X-Division. This sparked interest in the company, as many fans wanted to see something new and faces that they never seen or never really noticed before.

But like every company, you have to expand and get bigger, especially if there is a company that has been in the game longer and is dominating every aspect of the game.

So TNA started to switch up their style and basically little by little started to comp ideas from WWE and actually put focus on WWE by always comparing the two organizations by speaking of the competition in almost every broadcast.

Fast-forward to current time...

And TNA Wrestling still doesn't have their own identity. You would think that they would learn from WCW's mistakes and actually worry about their own product rather than the competitors.

TNA Wrestling has now basically abandoned what basically built them and made them unique. TNA pushed that all to the side just to follow the lead of two who claimed that they could take TNA to the promise land!

Really, Hogan & Bischoff, you are going to take TNA Wrestling to the top off of one and I mean one main storyline?

It was reported that the upper ends were heavenly depending on the whole "They" storyline to garner interest in the company.

Look how far that has got the company.

TNA looks and sounds like a epic wreck that no one would want to be part of.

TNA is now hiring people who can't even wrestle and don't belong in a ring. It was announced that TNA just signed former Jersey Shore cast-member Angelina (the self-proclaimed Kim Kardashian of the shore!) and how are they going to top that off they are going to have her call out current cast member JWOWW.

Okay sounds like a bunch of great Total Non-stop Action!

They also are bringing in Bart Scott, current linebacker for the NFL's New York Jets, which isn't that bad...especially after his wrestling-like promo after beating the Patriots in the playoffs.

That idea could possibly be a good one but TNA always finds a way to mess something up. Now recently WWE has been hyping 2.21.11 (which has passed).

Fans were sitting on the edge of their seats prepping/speculating to see Sting Vs. Undertaker at the grandest stage of them all: WrestleMania 27.

But we all soon found out it would end up being non-other than Triple H Vs. Undertaker. Many where displeased, but to be honest it worked at well.

TNA Wrestling decided to jump upon that opportunity and put a sting into WWE's side by releasing their own vignette video: 3.3.11.

Obviously this was to rub the WWE the wrong way by stating, "Ha, we have Sting and you don't!"

But TNA once again failed because they hyped this to be the biggest shocker of the year! Which it wasn't...are you kidding, Sting was just their in the organization; it wasn't like he went to WWE, then left to come back to TNA Wrestling.

Also WWE never stated it was Sting or that they were trying to pursue Sting. Yes there were reports but those are just rumors—nothing never really official.

Also if WWE did pursue something must of fell through obviously. Yes, WWE would of probably loved having Sting penciled in but it didn't happen. For what reason we may never know.

But this is why TNA Wrestling is going backwards they keep making promises that never thing TNA officials should do is shut down dixie's twitter account and not allow her to speak of company operations.


Because she keeps over-hyping the product and stating that changes are coming and epic this major that.

TNA needs to focus on TNA.

WWE has so little interest in TNA as a competitor that they even kind sort put them in a storyline.

Dolph Ziggler, who is currently "Fired," went straight to his Twitter account and basically stated to expect to see him in TNA.

This is why WWE is moving the right direction they have been working hard...really hard as of late! They stunned us by bringing back Diesel (Kevin Nash) and Booker T at the Rumble.

Then resurrected Tough Enough and brought in Stone Cold and Trish Stratus to take part in the project. Then they brought back The Rock; it was the shocker of the year so far, as we all thought Rocky would never stand in a wrestling ring again.

They are building and molding Alberto Del Rio and now just signed Mistico (now known as Sin Cara) which is major.

WWE is proving why they are No. 1 and why it's going to stay that way.

Yes, WWE has things to work on as well, but right now they are trucking the right direction.

Like every pro wrestler says, competition is good; not just for them pay wise, but for us fans as well to see the best be brought out of both sides.

So here is to TNA to get their act together and step it up!


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