WWE PG and John Cena: Hey IWC! There's Everything for Everyone in WWE

Dan PowerSenior Analyst IFebruary 26, 2011

When you see the smile on that kid's face, do you still think John Cena is a so bad thing for WWE?
When you see the smile on that kid's face, do you still think John Cena is a so bad thing for WWE?

I have read some articles about TNA and particularly the comments bashing WWE being PG and John Cena.

Many, including myself, are willing to see John Cena turning heel, but it just won't happen anytime soon. I even surprised myself by actually defending John Cena and the PG product.

In fact, the more I think about it, the less I want Cena to turn heel. Anyway, they won't turn him heel just because of 10 percent of the fans, those "members" of the Internet Wrestling Community (IWC).

And I'm generous when I say the IWC represents 10 percent of the WWE Universe. For sure, the IWC is very vocal, but the WWE grew up for most of its history without the Internet.

Not a majority of fans are part of the IWC, and the marketing department knows its job.

And, even when the creative team actually listens to the IWC, there are still unhappy dudes.

The IWC wanted WWE to push young talents and, when it happens, we still read whining comments here on B/R or in other various wrestling forums. Sheamus' push did not please everyone and The Miz as WWE Championship reign is not going exactly as wished by many.

But WWE answered the request with their current youth movement ,and we have to be patient while the current transition time is undergoing.

If everything is not happening as we all wanted, the creative team at least made actual efforts to get things shaking. I don't really like The Miz's reign so far, but he became a strong media creature, appearing on many talk shows as of late.

So, under a strictly business perspective, The Miz is doing well as WWE Champion.

Now, let's go back to John Cena. I already said I was not a huge Cena fan and I even wrote an article to defend him. I'll never be a fan because I find him stale and I'd want him to turn heel.

But I accept his role in the company and I swallow the pill because the WWE has so many other things to offer. But, most importantly, I realized lately how important he was to attract the young fans to the world of wrestling.

I hate to admit that, but my 9-year-old son recently became a diehard WWE fan because of John Cena. He started to be interested to WWE mostly due to the fact I am an Undertaker mark and, naturally, he became a fan of him to imitate me.

He started to become a casual fan by watching the "Tombstone: History Of The Undertaker" DVD set.

He is still an Undertaker fan, but he discovered many other wrestlers when he watched my WrestleMania Anthology DVDs. He also watched the most recent PPVs I recorded on VHS and he is now a true WWE fan.

His favorite wrestler is now John Cena, but he also likes Edge, Randy Orton, Mark Henry, Rey Mysterio and some others.

He even likes Hornswoggle, because he finds him funny and, every time he appears, he laughs so loud that I no longer can hate that midget I used to call the Little Bastard. How could I hate someone who puts a smile on my son's face?

So, if I take a look at the PG era, at John Cena and at Hornswoggle with my father's eyes, I just can't hate the product and the characters built for kids.

In fact, even as a wrestling fan I should thank John Cena and the whole PG product because it will attract a future generation of fans, just like Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior did with me over 20 years ago.

John Cena is doing exactly the same thing Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior did two decades ago by introducing kids to wrestling.

My dad, who was a WWF fan back then, didn't like The Ultimate Warrior because Warrior acted like he was possessed when he entered the ring, but he accepted it.

My father accepted my choice because he was happy to see me enjoying his favorite TV show, despite the fact that we didn't like the same wrestlers.

That being said, am I to punish my son because he likes Cena and Hornswoggle? Of course not.

Actually, I even encourage him with his choices because I once was there and it makes me happy to have him liking them because it makes him interested in WWE.

I also know that his tastes will evolve along with his knowledge about wrestling and I won't mind if he still like Cena even at the age of 20, just like I don't mind if any adult likes him.

It will be up to me to educate him about wrestling and I already started to do it with the old WrestleManias I watch with him. I make him discover Shawn Michaels' legacy because he know him from his video game and from recent PPVs.

I will also buy the Royal Rumble Anthology especially because he fell in love with the concept when he watched the last four installments. That will be a blast to watch it with him.

Finally, that leads me where I wanted to go with the headline of the article. There's everything for everyone in WWE.

For me, there are Edge, Kofi Kingston, Randy Orton, Drew McIntyre and The Undertaker. For the kids, there are Rey Mysterio and John Cena.

For my wife, there are Triple H and John Morrison. And for many, the cream of the cream are The Miz and Alberto Del Rio. There is even The Great Khali for the fans from India.

So, as you can see there are wrestlers for every tastes and there is nothing wrong about that. Don't we want more people to watch WWE to share our passion with the most fans possible anyway?

If younger fans are attracted by Big Show or Hornswoggle, just let it go and accept the fact not everyone is attracted by the "Internet Darlings."

I know the product is far from perfection, but we can't blame Cena or the PG Era. The company became a giant with the help of a mega-charismatic, awful wrestler named Hulk Hogan; and, back in the Hulkamania Era, the product could not be more PG than what it was. 

In the end, I could also summarize the whole article in one word: RESPECT. We should all respect other fans' preferences.