A Message to the NFL Team That Drafts Auburn's Cameron Newton

Nathan DealCorrespondent IFebruary 25, 2011

Oh my gosh! A picture of Cam Newton smiling!
Oh my gosh! A picture of Cam Newton smiling!Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

In 2010, Cameron Newton took Auburn fans for a ride.

The Tigers completed their 12th undefeated season, won their 11th conference title and their second national title.

Cameron became Auburn's third Heisman Trophy winner.

Better than anyone, Auburn fans can tell you what to expect from Cameron.

I am an Auburn fan, so I feel obligated to clear up some misconceptions about the controversial signal-caller and let you know what you can expect from him.

What I can't tell you is how successful he will be, because nobody knows. That's the beauty of the sport: It's unpredictable.

Some people have raised red flags about Newton, bringing up "character issues" and "cocky attitude" as reasons you should stay away from him when the NFL draft arrives in April.

But these are misconceptions about him by people that don't know him well enough.


Cameron Newton doesn't lack confidence.

Sometimes, his wording can make you believe he is an arrogant, "all-about-me" player. This is false.

Constantly, Newton brags about his teammates and talks about how much he loves his team and coaching staff.

He always talks about how blessed he is, but that's not confidence. That's just him expressing his faith.


Cameron Newton doesn't have character issues, despite what ESPN would have you believe.

He used to have character issues, for sure. At Florida, he was arrested for buying a stolen laptop and received an unhealthy amount of speeding tickets.

But that's where Blinn Junior College in Texas comes into play.

At Blinn, Newton received a form of "rehab" and cleaned himself up. He did not leave Blinn the same way he came; that is for sure.

But what about the scandal involving his father? Cecil Newton trying to get money out of Mississippi State?

You see, that's where another misconception comes about Cameron. The NCAA says Cameron didn't know about it. Also, the dad is not the son.

If the father were the son, wouldn't teams want to stay as far away from Alabama's Mark Ingram as possible?

Yes, but the father is not the son. Do not hold the greedy acts of Cecil against Cameron.


It may not happen immediately, but he will win you over.

If you draft Cameron, you will not regret it. When he signed with Auburn on New Year's Eve in 2009, the rest of the team wasn't quite sure about the decision and neither were the fans.

"Why did we sign a laptop-stealing thug?"

But the first day Auburn's football team reported for spring practice, Cameron Newton almost immediately won the team over with his attitude, leadership and skill.

Not long after, Auburn fans fell deep in love with Cameron Newton.

So, what does this have to do with you, random NFL team?

Well, everything.

If he can win over a big fanbase that quickly at Auburn, he can win over your fanbase (and you).

He always wears a smile. It's so rare that he's not smiling that a rare picture of a frowning Newton goes for $273 on eBay.

OK, I made that up, but it wouldn't surprise me if it were that rare.

He is a very coachable player no matter what the system is. Not once did Auburn coach Gene Chizik complain about Newton's ability to follow instructions.

He can light up a room with his presence.

Fans, you may not believe it now, but it will not take long for Cameron Newton to win you over, despite what you think about him now. Once you see his true colors—his God-fearing, hard-working, fun-loving self—you will love him.

You may not believe me now. You will read this and think that I am out of my mind completely and that no one could love someone like Cameron Newton that much.

But trust me...you'll be back. You'll be back, and you'll be saying, "You were right. We love Cam Newton!"