Stratusfaction: Will Trish Stratus Wrestle One More WWE Match?

Renee GerberCorrespondent IFebruary 25, 2011

Trish Stratus taking out both members of LayCool. Photo copyright to
Trish Stratus taking out both members of LayCool. Photo copyright to

Hey, Bleachers!

By now, everyone knows that Trish Stratus made a triumphant return to the WWE this past Sunday at Elimination Chamber. She was introduced by Booker T and announced as a trainer for the resurrected Tough Enough.

As a longtime fan of Trish, I found myself marking out over this amazing news! She gave the WWE fans in attendance and those of us watching at home exactly what we wanted: our dose of entertainment.

Or should I say, "Stratusfaction?"

Trish showed her goofy, comical side while in the ring with Booker T. She did a whole schtick of mimicking The Rock and then Booker himself. It was a completely enjoyable segment—and it didn't quite end there, as we got the honor of seeing the seven-time Women's champion again later on!

Further into the show, Vickie Guerrero made her way to the ring with a microphone. After the whole firing of her boyfriend Dolph Ziggler the prior week on SmackDown, Vickie tried a begging tactic to get him his job back.

Of course, when General Manager Teddy Long appeared he announced that he did indeed rehire someone—but it was certainly not Ziggler.

Enter Kelly Kelly.

The returned diva promptly hit the ring and chased Vickie around, cornering her until she was trapped like a rat. Then, a well-deserved beatdown ensued, and all was enjoyable until LayCool showed up to spoil the fun.

However, things were suddenly looking up again when none other than Trish Stratus ran to the ring to do what she's always done best in the WWE—kick ass!

She cleaned house and went to check on Kelly on the arena floor.

I don't think I have to refresh anyone's memory as to what happened after that. But the important thing is that Trish regained control of the situation and took both Layla and Michelle McCool out with the Chick Kick, the Stratusfear and a double bulldog—and all in a pair of high-heeled boots, no less.

It was truly awesome to witness.

Stratus has certainly not lost a single step in all the time since she retired from wrestling in September 2006. She is in great shape and managed to perform her moves without issue.

Actually—that's not completely true. The one hitch was when she went for the Stratusfear on Layla—but I believe the only reason for it was her heels!

Although Trish is back specifically to serve as one of the Tough Enough trainers, I think we're all wondering the same thing: Will she wrestle one more match in the WWE?

Judging by what happened at Elimination Chamber, it seems entirely possible.

It's a shame that Michelle McCool has an injured foot at the moment. Given what occurred at the pay-per-view, I have no doubt that—if not for McCool's injury—we would be seeing a tag-team match pitting LayCool against Trish and Kelly.

But maybe there's still hope; maybe we'll see Trish taking on Layla, with each blond diva at ringside.

Hey, there's a chance for something big to happen. After all, the quintessential diva is back!