Great Matchups for Sin Cara (A.K.A. Mistico) in the WWE; Not Just Rey Mysterio

Stephen Lyon@jesusfreakinctContributor IIIFebruary 25, 2011

Great Matchups for Sin Cara (A.K.A. Mistico) in the WWE; Not Just Rey Mysterio

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    As most of you already know, the WWE announced the signing of "Sin Cara," known in Mexico and throughout the Indy wrestling community as "Mistico, as the newest superstar. They haven't yet announced if he's going to start down in FCW, or if he'll debut on the main roster, but anyone who has seen his matches (or just clips) know that he is one of the most exciting wrestlers in the field today, particularly with regards to his move set and speed.

    I was incredibly psyched when I found out he was signed and posted a video to my Facebook account with a compilation of Mistico's moves/matches. However, one of my buddies made an amusing, but insightful comment:

    "He's Rey Mysterio on speed! Who, in the WWE, can keep up with this guy?"

    This got me thinking as to truly who in the WWE could put on a good match with this superstar, in order for him to avoid falling to the ranks of jobber, like most WWE cruiserweights.

    Here are some of my ideas – please comment and let me know what you think!

    My top 10 opponents are....

Rey Mysterio

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    I'll start with the most obvious choice first: Rey Mysterio

    I can see this being one of the first matchups that the WWE throws Sin Cara into, and for good reason. Rey may have lost a step over the last few years, but his in-ring experience on such a grand stage will complement Sin Cara perfectly and help to elevate/legitimize him in the eyes of the WWE universe.

    The main problem that could result from this, however, would be that the fans start comparing him to Rey, and judging him as trying to replace him. There is an unnatural love for Mysterio, and this could hurt the "newbie" down the line.

Evan Bourne

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    This wrestler, I believe, is the best suited wrestler to set up with Sin Cara: Evan Bourne

    This was my first answer to my buddy's question regarding who could keep up with him. I think these two wrestler's styles will mesh perfectly, but unlike Rey Mysterio, not be too similar where it would become a tad boring and monotonous.

    This match would be a showstopper. The only flaw I could see is that it would keep both wrestlers stuck for a while in the lower mid-card.

Alberto Del Rio

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    You may not recognize this picture of the next wrestler on this list, Alberto Del Rio, but it is him just the same.

    Before debuting in the WWE, Del Rio wrestled as a Luchador in Mexico as Dos Caras Jr., the son of the legendary Dos Caras (not kayfabe).

    From my research, it doesn't look like these two have ever wrestled each other and it's been too long of a wait.

    While there is a decent size difference, both Del Rio and Sin Cara have loads of experience in Lucha Libre style wrestling and should be able to put on a clinic in the WWE ring as well. Del Rio has proven to have the charisma, which is needed in the WWE, and could help to elevate Sin Cara during his own push, through promos and ring work.

Kofi Kingston

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    As most of us should know, Kofi Kingston can put on a good match with almost anybody. He doesn't have the most charisma with regards to mic skills, but his gimmick has been embraced by the WWE universe in a way that makes the former unnecessary.

    This could be a great feud, if Sin Cara were to be playing the role of a heel. Attacking Kofi would bring instant heel heat, doesn't require mic work (which, I would assume, is going to be his weakest area), and helps to put him over in a big way.

    They both have high-flying resumes, but are gifted technically as well, and should be able to put on an entertaining show for all of us speed freaks.

John Morrison

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    When you talk speed, technical ability and high-flying, it would be insulting not to include "Spiderman" himself, Mr. John Morrison, the current baby of the Internet Wrestling Community (IWC)!

    Anyone who watched the Royal Rumble 2011 or Elimination Chamber 2011 knows why Morrison is most likely the No. 1 athletic, high-flying superstar in the WWE.

    This would be a match of epic proportions, and probably be the match of the night on any wrestling card in any major wrestling promotion. I would love to see this take place, but there may be one glaring issue – mic work.

    Morrison is notably average in giving promos in the WWE, and Sin Cara may not even speak English, resulting in a feud hat probably can't go far because there's no way to get the crowd to care about the storyline.

Daniel Bryan

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    I've mentioned high-fliers, but now I have to mention, technical ability, which would be aghast without including Daniel Bryan.

    Daniel is known in the WWE for his technical ability, and is widely regarded in the IWC and Indy wrestling scene as the best technical wrestler in the world. He has speed and finesse which would work perfectly with the aggressive style of Sin Cara.

    I'm drooling over the possibility of a submissions match between these two, pitting the Lebell Lock vs. La Mistica!

    The same problem could take place as mentioned with John Morrison, about charisma, but I think it would work better because the WWE has bought into the strong, silent type personality of Morrison.


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    All right, the choice of R-Truth is bound to get me some hate here in the IWC, but hear me out before you start blasting my choice.

    Anyone who remembers Ron Killings back in NWA/TNA knows that R-Truth is a much better wrestler than he's allowed to be in the WWE, and is talented enough to even be in the main event scene.

    Secondly, even if you disagree with him being skilled, it's undeniable that he is incredibly over with the WWE universe! With one "What's up?" chant, the PG demographic goes nuts. This would be a great way to put over the newcomer in the eyes of the young fans, and make up for the lack of promo work we'll be seeing from Sin Cara.

Randy Orton

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    Off in the distance, I can see a match with Randy Orton being phenomenal!

    It's obvious that Sin Cara won't get an immediate push into any sort of main event picture, but eventually I could see a great program between him and RKO.

    Both are technical, and Orton is quick enough to make things look smooth, but technical enough to provide a variance in pace and style. I could see this match being and incredible main event on PPV in two years or so!

CM Punk

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    CM Punk, in my opinion, could be the perfect feud partner for Sin Cara one to one and a half years from now.

    Punk can generate heat in a way only bested by Vickie Guerrero (how sad is that?), and puts on an incredible match every time he steps into the ring.

    The oozing charisma of Punk could make up for anything that might be lacking in Sin Cara, and tear down the house with technical demonstrations, high-flying moves and out of the ring hardcore moments.

Dolph Ziggler

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    Dolph Ziggler is definitely a rising star in the WWE and could definitely work a great match with Sin Cara.

    I don't see much of a feud coming from these two for a few years, but I can see, as an exhibition on a few occasions, these being awesome, jaw dropping matches.

The Miz

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    I really don't like myself for saying this, as a long time detractor of this "superstar," but The Miz could be a great opponent for Sin Cara.

    The one thing The Miz has going for him is his microphone work. Sin Cara is a good enough of a worker to keep The Miz from looking overmatched, and would benefit from having The Miz talk down to him and trash about him in promos – one hand washes the other, so to speak.

    I could see this in a year or so, but not while the Miz is Champion.

The End

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    What are your guys' thoughts regarding opponents? Do you have any additions or subtractions? What are your thoughts on Mistico in WWE overall? Please comment!

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