Five Possible Feuds for Sin Cara/Mistico in WWE

Craig Holland-GreenfieldContributor IIFebruary 25, 2011

Five Possible Feuds for Sin Cara/Mistico in WWE

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    Hello Bleachers and welcome to my article telling you what five feuds I think would be good for Sin Cara to have when he is introduced.

    Having been the main attraction of CMLL in Mexico for the past five years, he has been the top face of the company. With his high flying antics, he could bring more excitement and wonder to the ring.

    Unfortunately, due to his lack of English he will need to have a manager speak for him, or he will need to begin showcasing his talents straight away against opponents of a similar style.

    The five feuds I have chosen are based really on style, rather than a face or heel standing.

Alberto Del Rio

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    With Del Rio currently having a push for the World Heavyweight Championship, a feud with him would have to wait until after WrestleMania.

    If WWE decides to advertise Sin Cara coming in with vignettes, then a few weeks of build up could help this feud start as soon as WM is over.

    As everybody already knows, Del Rio likes to think highly of himself, believing he is the model Mexican. He is arrogant, selfish and a bully.

    Sin Cara can come in and the feud can purely be because he doesn't like the way ADR portrays the Mexican people.

    With Sin Cara's lack of English being a problem, they could get around this by having both superstars having short slanging matches in Spanish.

    Del Rio can clarify what it was about simply by stating that he is a model Mexican and he will show Sin Cara who the true Mexican is.

    With his strength, and surprising agility, their styles could complement each other perfectly. With a lot of Cara's moves relying on perfect execution, Rio's ability to reverse a lot of moves can come into play, which would create an exciting match.

Rey Mysterio

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    Although Rey is a face, a feud with him would still be beneficial for Cara.

    With Rey's WWE contract soon expiring and there being no sign of him signing a new one, now would be the perfect time for him to put over an up and comer.

    Depending on how Rey wants to go out, losing his last match to Cara and proclaiming him the best Lucha he's faced, then it would put Cara over instantly with the fans.

    It doesn't even need to be an aggressive feud, just one based on wrestling ability.

    Obviously, his feud with Cody Rhodes has to get done with first, so this would be another one that has to wait until after WrestleMania.

    With very similar styles, this would be a very exciting feud, full of high-flying theatrics.

    Possibly throw in the Intercontinental title, and it would add a little prestige to the title again, having such exciting stars feuding for it.

Justin Gabriel

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    If this feud were to happen, he would most likely have to feud with the whole of The Corre. So for this to work Gabriel would either have to go solo or Cara would have to have backup.

    With Gabriel being one-half of the current tag team champions, this feud is unlikely to happen anywhere in the near future.

    However, with Gabriel being another high flying superstar and not having had a shot at singles competition, this could prove to be a feud fans would enjoy watching. Gabriel hasn't had much time on the mic so the language barrier wouldn't come into play.

    Gabriel has already shown his high-flying skills, his 450 splash in particular being breathtaking, and a chance to showcase his full repertoire against another high flyer would be the perfect opportunity to not only put Cara on the map, but Gabriel too.

    The outcome probably wouldn't matter as their matches would be exhilarating to watch.

Kofi Kingston

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    With Kofi being the current Intercontinental Champion and Cara not having shown himself in WWE yet, this feud should happen weeks after his debut. He could challenge Kofi for the belt and thus start a feud for the belt.

    Kofi has already shown the height he can go in the ring, and has proven himself in a triple threat ladder match. Kofi isn't the best on the mic, so this feud could easily happen without either star getting on the mic.

    With Kofi previously having a push for the WWE title and then being pushed back due to a certain superstar being unhappy with him (Randy Orton-ED.), then showing his skills against a high flyer like Cara could even reignite his push to the top.

John Morrison

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    John Morrison seems to be between a rock and a hard place recently. He's received a push only for it to go nowhere. Although this is seemingly more to do with WWE wanting to push Miz as the next best thing.

    Countless times over the past few months, JoMo has utilised his parkour to dazzle the WWE universe: from his Royal Rumble Spider-Man routine to his ladder match with Sheamus, and his falling from the top of the Elimination Chamber.

    JoMo has slowly been rising to the top. With his average mic skills, but excellent in-ring ability, a feud with Sin Cara can push them both over.

    With their high flying antics and abilities to make the most of their environment, matches between these two would keep everyone on their feet wondering what is going to happen next.

    Although Cara has little to no experience in cage, ladder, table matches etc. their first few matches can be simple high flying ring action.

    A few weeks of training in between shows with these types of matches and we could see some quality matches, with both men leaving us in awe and wondering how they do the things they do.


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    That's the end of my first article. Hopefully it wasn't too rubbish, so be kind if it was.

    Also, if there are any others you think would be a perfect fit for Sin Cara to showcase his abilities, then let me know in the comments and I'll do my best to reply.

    Thanks for reading.