NBA's Top 25 Players for Next Season

Marcel SmithSenior Analyst IMay 21, 2016

25. Brandon Roy

Roy is a great all-around player who is also a great team leader and a solid defensive player. He is a good scorer as well as a solid passer.


24. Josh Smith

Smith is an athletic freak. He is solid offensively, averaging around 17 points and eight rebounds, along with three-to-four assists.  He is also good defensively, averaging three blocks and 1.5 steals.


23. Rudy Gay

Gay is a future superstar who is long, athletic and skilled. He is a 20-point scorer who is a solid rebounder and defender. He needs to improve his passing and become a more well-rounded offensive player.


22. Caron Butler

Butler is a fantastic all-around player who is effective as a scorer and a point forward. He is also very solid defensively, and efficient from the field and free-throw line.


21. David West

West is a very good power forward who has a solid low-post game and a great mid-range game. He is also solid defensively and a good passer.


20. Manu Ginobli

Ginobli is a winner. He is great all-around offensively and is also a solid defensive player. He is also very clutch and a great competitor.


19. Pau Gasol

Gasol is an extremely skilled big man who is solid in the post and has a good mid-range game. He is also a great passer, but he is soft defensively.


18. Al Jefferson

Jefferson is one of the best post players in the league, and a very good rebounder. He needs to improve his passing and his defense.


17. Amare Stoudamire

Amare is a great, athletic, high-scoring big man who is a solid rebounder—althought he could be better—and an efficient player. He needs to improve his passing and his defense.


16. Allen Iverson

AI is still one of the best offensive players in the league, and he hasn't lost a step. However, he is still below-average defensively and still shoots too much.


15. Baron Davis

Baron is one of the most gifted players in the league, but he is also injury prone. When healthy, he is a 22-and-eight lead guard who is very clutch.  But he is a bad defensive player, and isn't efficient from the field or the free-throw line.


14. Dirk Nowitzki

Dirk is one of the best scoring big man and a solid rebounder, along with a very good passer. However, he is still weak defensively and mentally.


13. Chris Bosh

Bosh is one of the best young big men in the league. He is a great scorer both inside and outside, a solid rebounder and a pretty good passer. He needs to improve his defense—as it is simply average—and he needs to improve his toughness a little bit.


12. Yao Ming

Yao is a dominant center who scores around 25 points and grabs 10 rebounds. He is also excellent from the field and amazing from the free-throw line. He also averages over two blocks. However, he is injury- and turnover-prone.


11. Paul Pierce

Pierce is a great scorer, and a solid rebounder. He also proved he is a very good defensive player who has a lot of toughness.


10. Elton Brand

Brand is a lock for 20/10 when healthy. He is also a very good passer and a good defensive player. He needs to get his team deep into the playoffs, though.


9. Andrew Bynum

Bynum is a future dominant big man who is going to average 20 points and be a monster in the middle defensively. This season, he will fit perfectly with Gasol and put the Lakers over the top this season.


8. Dwyane Wade

Wade is an amazing scorer, as he is the best finisher in the league and extremely effective in his mid-range game. He is also a good passer, rebounder, and a solid defender.


7. Tim Duncan

Duncan would be higher, but he's lost a step and is no longer his dominant self anymore. However, he is still a 20/10 big man, who is clutch and a great defensive player.


6. Chris Paul

Paul is a tremendous point guard who will average 20 points and 10 assists for the next decade. He is also a great thief (led the league in steals last season) and very efficient from the field and from the free-throw line.


5. Dwight Howard

Dwight is a complete beast. He is the best rebounder in the league by far, a great defensive player in the middle, and a very effective scorer down low who is too powerful for opponents to handle. He needs to develop a better offensive game and his free-throw shooting.


4. Deron Williams

Williams is the best point guard in the league. He is an unbelievable players who is very clutch, a great scorer and passer, and a good defensive player who is extremely efficient from the field. He is also a great leader.


3. Kevin Garnett

Garnett is one of the best players both offensively and defensively. He is a 20/10 big man who is also the best passing big man in the league. He is also great from the field and free throw line. He is the reigning Defensive Player of the Year.


2. LeBron James

LeBron is the most gifted player in the league.  He is one of the fastest, skilled, and strongest in the league, as well as the most athletic. He is amazing offensively as he averages 30/7/7 along with great percentages. He needs to improve his foul shooting and his simply-average defense.


1. Kobe Bryant

Kobe is the best player in the league, because he has no weaknesses. He is by far the most feared offensive player in the league. He is also a good rebounder and passer, a great defensive player, and the most clutch player in the league. He is also the most competitive, as he hates to lose more than anyone.