Revolution in Seattle? M's have a chance to make basball history

Christian AraosContributor ISeptember 26, 2008

The Seattle Mariners came into this season expecting to make an impact on baseball with their off season acquisitions. That did not happen. But now they have a chance to make a bigger impact on baseball than anything possibly done on the field.

They have the chance to hire the first female General Manager in MLB history.

In the Mariners quest to find a replacement for the fired Bill Bavasi they have found a candidate they gives them a chance to still make a long lasting impact on not just baseball but all sports. Who is this candidate's name.... Kim Ng. She has been working as an Assistant GM with the Los Angles Dodgers since 2005 and before that she spent seven years working with the Yankees under Brian Cashman.

The hiring of Ng would not only be the first female GM of a MLB team but it would give the Mariners a proven winner in front office something that they have been lacking. She has worked under Brian Cashman during the Yankees' run of three World Series titles and has worked under Ned Colleti in LA as the Dodgers have re assimilated themselves as contenders in NL West. 

If Ng is hired the ripple effect caused from it would spread far beyond the tiny realm of sports. If she is successful, big corporations would now have to reconsider prejudices of women in higher positions, teenage girls would now take up an interest into sports/entertainment,business management seeing a woman as a GM of baseball team, and it would put women in a position that would have them nearly as equal as men in sports both on the field and off it.

There is a risk with a possible hiring of Ng. If she fails, it would appear that women cannot hold high ranking roles in sports. She is going to be the precedent so if she is not up to task other teams will be hesitant towards the hiring of women in high ranking positions of management. Also, if she fails members of the media may just see it as publicity stunt meant to draw eyes at the struggling team in the Northwest that used to be good during the days of a young A-Rod, Ken Griffy Jr. (in his prime), Edgar Martinez, and others where the Mariners were the best of the West.

The Mariners have a chance to make history.

And its there time to take it.