Another Juan Bites the Dust: Montoya Falls From Pole Position to No. 42

Kara MartinSenior Analyst ISeptember 26, 2008

Hola Amigos, I am Chachi.

My gringa has been out all afternoon celebrating her birthday, leaving me to my own devices. Thank goodness for the TV and the laptop or you can bet I would have chewed up one of her shoes by now!

So this afternoon I was watching Cup qualifying and imagine my joy to witness my driver, Juan Pablo Montoya, winning his first pole ever! It was a proud moment.

Juan Pablo may not have made the Chase this year, but that does not stop me from being a fan. I've been with him from his early Open-Wheel days and will stick by him throughout his career with NASCAR, although I must admit, this year has been quite a struggle!

I can't understand what is holding him back. He enjoyed great success in the Formula One series. Last year, he won a Cup race in Sonoma and he made us proud in Mexico City by winning the Telcel-Motorola 200.

Let's not forget that he was named "Rookie of the Year" in 2007. Muy bueno!

His performance on the track today was the boost he needed to finish the season with his head held high. He was finally # Juan!

Now I hear that Juan Pablo has been stripped of his precious pole and his award snatched right out of his hands like a thief in the night and for what? A "technical violation."

JPM's fastest lap was disqualified because during post-qualifying inspection, it was discovered that his rear shock absorbers exceeded the maximum gas pressure allowed.

As a little chihuahua who loves to eat anything and everything, I often exceed the "maximum gas pressure allowed" but that does not send me to the back of the pack.

Ay-yi-yi, there will be no fiesta tonight.

I think somehow Jimmie Johnson is behind this. Four pole positions weren't enough for you Jimmie? You just had to rob Juan Pablo of his first to get your fifth?!

Hey Jimmie, You wanna f**k with Juan Pablo? Okay! You wanna play rough? Okay! Say hello to my little friend....the retaining wall!

Alright, Alright....I got a little carried away. What do I know, I'm just a dog!

Viva Juan Pablo!

Disclaimer: This article does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the dog's owner.