NO Mercy: A Night That Will be Unforgetable

Michael Null Contributor ISeptember 26, 2008

      No Mercy is just right around the corner and this year I expect great things to happen. With the card full of superstars you wonder how the WWE could screw this up.  Rey will take on Kane, Beth will take on Candice, Batista and JBl will do battle for number one contender, Undertaker will look for revenge against the Big Show, Jeff Hardy may get his last shot against HHH, Mark Henery will look to get his ECW title back aganist Matt Hardy, and the ladder match between HBK and Y2j. The night looks to be full of surpises and shocking endings.

 With JBL going against Batista for the number one contender you gotta ask yourself who will come out on top. If you look at the track record recently and look at the role JBL has been playing in the last few months you gotta pick Batista to win this. I think Batistia has more drive and determination but on the other hand JBL has not held the title in over three years. You also got to ask yourself who would have the better feud with whomever walks out champ. Batista and Jericho could work also Batista and HBK given there previous feud earlier in the year. What if JBL wins who does he feud better with HBK or Jericho? At the end of the day though I believe it will be Batista walking out number one contender

   Matt Hardy has worked hard to get where he is and I don't think he will go down with out a fight.  Mark Henery on the other hand is alot bigger and stronger so you wonder can Matt do it again or will Henery dominate.  Where Hardy lacks in strength he has speed so if he can use this and dodge Henery I think Matt can pull it off. This match wil go quick but it will be entertaining to see if Hardy can pull it off once again .


  Jeff Hardy wants to be the WWE champion so bad he can taste it. With the thrid strike looming over his head you wonder if this is Hardy's last chance, and if it will be a distraction to Jeff. HHH we all know is dominant and is stronger then Hardy but I think this will be Jeff's night. I think he is ready to take that step and be at the top even if it is brief.

 The Match I am  looking forward to is the ladder match between HBK and Y2J. This match will steal the whole show if it is done right and I believe it will be. There is so much hatered between the two you can feel it through your television set. I think this will be worst then they're last meeting. HBK can do some amazing things with a ladder as well as Jericho. I feel that Jericho will win but I want HBK to, I think he deserves to have the title on his waist.

     No Mercy will be a great PPV it will defintaly shake some things up in the WWE.