What is Thierry Henry Waiting For?

Alejandro MullerCorrespondent ISeptember 26, 2008

It has been speculated and talked about since Thierry Henry arrived at the Nou Camp, and now he has made it public; he is simply not happy in Barcelona and will leave if things don´t change.  Henry made the comments to French magazine L'equipe in an interview, where he left no doubt about his situation.  The only question is, why hasn't he left already?

Since his arrival, Henry has not been even a shadow of what he was with Arsenal.  True, he has had injuries and he's a bit older.  However, the overwhelming reason is he simply hasn't been given the chance of playing the center forward position he perfected with Arsene Wenger.  So how can you ask him to shine on the left side or outside the box where he never made noise? 

At the beginning, Frank Rijkkard had so many players he didn't know where to put them.  He never had a team last year, just a big pack of very talented individuals who never learned to play together.  "The Fantastic Four", as they were called, almost never played together and Henry was usually the one on the bench.  So he was left waiting for an opportunity.

Now it's a new season, Henry is one year older and his time is beginning to run out.  Barcelona has no Ronaldinho anymore, but Eto'o and Messi are still there, and Henry still can't play his regular position, even though he was promised it by new Barcelona coach, Pep Guardiola.  Even in the first two games of La Liga, when Barcelona couldn't score a goal if the keeper fell asleep, the French star never got the chance to play a position where he became one of the top five players on the planet.  Yet another glimmer of hope squashed by a bad situation that seems to be getting worst.

So one year and three months after leaving Arsenal, "Titi" keeps waiting for his chance and for his trophies.  He came to Barcelona to win the Champion's League.  One year later, his Spanish trophy case is still empty and his team is not much better than last year's.  The winter transfer window is almost upon us.  Let's just hope Thierry gets tired of waiting, reacts, and finishes his career the way he deserves, playing his position on a great team, and contributing to yet another title.