Penn State Proving People Wrong

Greg LeisterContributor ISeptember 26, 2008

Well here we are on the eve of the Big Ten Opener for the Nittany Lions. The Lions are 4-0 for only the second time since 2000. Everyone remembers what happened the last time they were 4-0....ORANGE BOWL. I look at Beaver Stadium this week and see the now famous Paternoville is set up in full force with students waiting to get into the big match-up. There are a lot of pros and cons to the season so far. Here are just a few that I noticed in my game watching.


1. The young guys are getting quality playing time. Down the stretch this could be very important as we get into the rigorous Big Ten Schedule.

2. Quality backup play on the Defensive Line was critical during the suspensions of stating linemen Evans and Koroma.

3. The offense....OH THE OFFENSE.....What can you say besides it is executing very well and it is showing a close resemblance to the 1994 Offensive Juggernaut. The future looks bright for the rest of the seasons.

4. Team confidence is WAY UP. Fan confidence is WAY UP. There is a lot of buzz going around State College with the thoughts of 2001, a Big Ten Title and possibly more. Sports writers are starting to notice the Nits also.


1. The team really hasn't face any adversity. Yeah they are 4-0 but the competition was less that impressive. Although after watching the game last night with USC and Oregon State, I would have to say the Lions beat a very talented and disciplined Beaver team.

2. The starters have yet to play a full game. I would think that possibly conditioning and stamina could come into play. It is very doubtful but could happen.

3. The key injuries to backup center Klopacq and Jerome Hayes. The backups need to step up like they have so far.

This is Greg, you PSU correspondant signing off.....just remember GO BLUE......and "roll your pant legs up cause you are in Happy Valley"