QB Issues or terrible play calling?

Justin MayerContributor ISeptember 25, 2008

   The Minnesota Vikings came into this 2008 season with high hopes of being a playoff team and many experts even wrote them in as Super Bowl contenders, but with a passing game that has only put up an average of 171 yards a game this season it seems like the playoffs could be further away for the Vikings than what a lot of people think.


 Take for instance in the opener against the Green Bay Packers the Minnesota Vikings had the ball in scoring position at one point on the 33 yard line. I know that this is no chip shot field goal but on 3rd down with six yards to go it makes no logical sense to run the ball up the middle. I know that it might not have been the worst idea at the time but why play conservative when your playing a division rival when you can put up six instead of three? It makes no sense to many fans and it has alot of people questioning the play calling abilities of Offensive Coordinator Darrell Bevell.


 It's easy to see that the Vikings have one of the best running games in the NFL because the numbers prove it (164 ypg, 1st in NFL), but how long will this last? How many carries can Adrian Peterson take on in a game before he wears down? How long will it take for teams to stack eight on nine guys in the box like last season? Many questions like this arise when it comes to having a terrible passing game but is it really the quarterbacks fault or is it the Off.Coordinator?


 Sure, its easy to blame the terrible passing game on the Vikings opening day starting QB Tarvaris Jackson, but was it really his fault? Most of the opportunities that Jackson had to throw the ball were in situations where the DE's would pin their ears back and there would be two blitzing linebackers. Why not throw in a good screen pass that is actually in front of the line of scrimmage and let your game breaker Adrian Peterson make something happen? Why not give Jackson the opportunity to throw the deep ball on 1st and 10? By doing things like this it would give Jackson the chance to gain confidence and feel less pressured all the time but the play calling is/was so pathetic that he never actually got his opportunity to flourish.


   Let's be honest is the 37 yr old veteran Gus Frerotte really the answer? Is he the future? No, he isn't. I understand that you have to give your team the opportunity to win by making decisions like the Vikings did by benching Jackson but by doing this are you ruining his confidence and possibly his future? Maybe if there was some better play calling on Bevell's behalf things wouldn't be the way they are right now and there wouldn't be such a big mess in the the Vikings QB situation.


Justin M.