Sting vs. Undertaker: Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda...But Now Will Never Happen

Chad WorrellContributor IFebruary 22, 2011

Well now that tonight’s RAW came and went one thing that we know after watching the segment between Triple H and The Undertaker’s returns is for sure what will not happen is Sting  vs The Undertaker.

I am curious, what had to go down for there not to be a deal reached between Steve Borden and Vince McMahon for there not to be one last great moment for the Sting character. 

First off was it something as simple as the two parties not being able to come to terms on a financial agreement?  It is hard for me to fathom that Vince did not offer up a good chunk of change to have this match happen knowing the interest and buy rates that this one match alone would have generated for WrestleMania, and I doubt very much that TNA could match financially any deal that Vince could offer.

Steve Borden has gone on record as saying that he was never comfortable with how Vince would treat the Sting character.  Possibly turning him into a joke, or do things that Steve as a born again Christian would not have been comfortable doing.

During this stage of Borden’s career and Vince wanting to make WrestleMania the ultimate wrestling card I really can’t see either of these situations taking place, first off we live in the PG era now, it’s not 2001, I doubt very much Vince would have Sting involved in a love triangle between Vicki Guerrero and  Hornswoggle.  (Well never say never in the world of wrestling.) Also there would be no confusion as to why Sting would be competing in the WWE for that one month, simply to be the ultimate challenge to The Undertaker.  Vince would promote Sting to the moon and make him look like the Sting of 1998.

Also lets be real, Sting is now 53 years old, not much left in the tank.  This really could have been one hell of a send off.  Who cares if Sting would lose to The Undertaker, he has not had a problem jobbing to younger talent these past couple of years in TNA.

Perhaps we will never know, and frankly Sting does not owe us any sort of explanation.  The man has had a fantastic career and has given his body and many years of his life to entertain us…but it sure would have been nice.