No Mercy 2008: Rundown and Predictions

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent ISeptember 25, 2008

WWE will be holding ninth annual No Mercy from the Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon.  With the direction that the WWE has been going and only a few shows left, it's time to take a look at the final card and see where everything might go.

Rey Mysterio versus Kane:  Now, this match has had a terrible build up.  It was a month of Kane and his nonsensical rants about "is he dead or alive?" that lead to a very anti-climatic return of Rey Mysterio.  However, with the new twist of Kane calling Mysterio a coward for hiding behind a mask, things are starting to change.  Maybe not for the better.

It seems that the WWE is leaning toward the idea of unmasking Mysterio.  I can't even begin to explain how bad of an idea this is.  For tradition and marketability, Mysterio needs to keep his mask on.  The kids really like it and you can see in the audience how well those masks sell.

I don't think it will happen in this match, but it will probably end the same way that one of the Kane versus Undertaker matches ended.  Kane will remove the mask from Mysterio and Mysterio will run to the back and hide.

If this isn't how it ends, than Kane will dominate and win this match.  It's the only way to keep the story going otherwise Mysterio got his vengeance and he moves on.  Expect Evan Bourne to interfere.

Beth Phoenix versus Candice Michelle for the WWE Women's Championship:  Aside from this being the worst match of the night because of Candice botching moves, it can really go either way.  I can see Candice regaining the title because the WWE loves her, for whatever reason, and feel that there champions shouldn't be protected. 

They have already announced on several occasions that it was last year at this same pay per view that Candice lost her title to Beth.  They would never mention that unless they were planning on making it into a moment of redemption.

There is a good chance that Beth could retain only because the WWE likes to have their faces chase the title for a little while.  But expect Beth to be selling some of the worst moves imaginable in a match that will probably last less that 10 minutes.  Entrances included.

If Beth retains, than the WWE still has some hope in trying to regain credibility to the Women's Title that Candice and Melina took away from over a year ago.  If Candice wins, which seems to be the most likely outcome, than this title is going to drop in importance.  Much further than it already is.

Big Show versus The Undertaker:  This match should be interesting.  Mainly because The Undertaker has some nagging knee problems right now.  So expect a limited match on his end.  Because of the injury, I'm going to predict that Big Show gets the win so they can write Taker out of the show so he can heal.

This match will set up Big Show as a top contender and he will probably be added to the Survivor Series title match.  Either way, Big Show will become a major player in the main event scene after this.

Batista versus JBL for number one contender:  Expect this match to be slow.  There's been a good build up for it but these two don't really have a good reputation of putting on exciting matches.  They've had their feud a few years back and they never should have tried it again.

The winner of this match will give away the winner of the ladder match.  The WWE loves the typical face versus heel story.  It is very rare that they go face versus face and I don't think they've ever done heel versus heel as a main event on one of the big four pay per views.

If Batista wins, expect Chris Jericho to retain.  If JBL wins, expect Shawn Michaels to win the title.  By the way things are going, I'd have to say that Batista is going to win the match.

Matt Hardy versus Mark Henry for the ECW Championship:  This match should be good.  ECW has consistently put on some of the best matches on pay per view in the last few months.  Both of these men can work and the story leading to this is brilliant.  Henry has never been pinned by Hardy so it will be interesting to see what happens.

I'm almost confident that Hardy will get a clean win and move on to another feud in the company.  Mark Henry will probably continue to work the mid card, which is sad really, because he deserved to have the world title.

Triple H versus Jeff Hardy for the WWE Championship:  This match is going to show whether or not Triple H is holding down talent.  There is no reason for Jeff Hardy to lose this match.  The fans have been wanting a title run from him and the announcers have been hinting at it for so long.  Plus, it would be an interesting photo op for the WWE to have two brothers hold world titles at the same time.

Sadly, there doesn't seem to be any hope in Jeff winning the title.  Triple H is build too strong and hasn't helped anyone get over properly on Smackdown since his jump.  Add to it that Jeff Hardy is one more suspension away from being released from the company, and it doesn't seem like he's going to win.

The WWE needs to be careful with this. If Jeff keeps getting title shots and losing them, than the fans will stop caring about him.  They won't believe in him anymore and there's no money in a superstar that the fans have no faith in.  For the good of the company and the morale of the younger talent, Jeff Hardy should win.  But he won't.

Chris Jericho versus Shawn Michaels in a ladder match for the World Heavyweight Championship:  This match should end the pay per view.  It's the only gimmick match and it's the only title match that has a lot of hype behind it.  This feud got a small boost of life now that Jericho is champion but it needs to end after this.  It's been running for five months now.  It's over.

I'm expecting to see a lot of unnecessary spots.  Expect Shawn to do some scary dives off the ladder and the return of the Walls of Jericho on top of the ladder.  There won't be any table spots because the WWE is getting careful with adding tables to a ladder match.  They're trying to protect the threat level of the TLC match.

This match should be good, but these two have work with each other for so long now that it's probably going to feel like all their other matches.  Expect Jericho to retain the title and defend against Batista at Survivor Series.  They will probably do an injury story with Shawn as well.

Overall, only one title really seems to be locked for switching hands.  Everything else will be the same.  This pay per view seems more like a filler before Survivor Series, which is going to make Cyber Sunday feel like a waste of time.  Hopefully, the show will have some good matches and it won't feel like a waste of money.  We'll see where the WWE wants to go come October 5th.