Monthly Madness, February: TNA Against All Odds Vs. WWE Elimination Chamber

Charlie GSenior Writer IFebruary 22, 2011

Welcome to the second edition of Monthly Madness! Last month we had TNA's Genesis square off with WWE's Royal Rumble. The results are in.

The winner is:

Royal Rumble!

With that behind us, it is time to start the February edition of MM. Are you ready?

First up was TNA Against All Odds. Against All Odds was held on February 13th, 2011 at The iMPACT! Zone in Universal Studios Orlando, Florida. It was the seventh annual Against All Odds event. The Against All Odds results are as follows:

Robbie E. vs. Max Buck vs. Jeremy Buck: Winner: Robbie E. by forfeit

X Division title match: (c) Kazarian vs. Robbie E.: Winner: Kazarian

Beer Money and Scott Steiner vs. Rob Terry, Gunner & Murphy: Winner: Beer Money & Scott Steiner

Samoa Joe vs. The Pope: Winner: Samoa Joe

Last Knockout Standing title match: (c) Madison Rayne vs. Mickie James: Winner: (c) Madison Rayne

RVD vs. Matt Hardy: Winner: RVD

Street Fight: Bully Ray vs. Devon: Winner: Bully Ray

Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle: Winner: Jeff Jarrett

TNA World Heavyweight Title Ladder match: Jeff Hardy vs. (c) Mr. Anderson: Winner: (c) Jeff Hardy

Against All Odds is battling against WWE's second annual Elimination Chamber Pay-Per-View. Elimination Chamber was held at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California. The results are as follows:

Dark Match: Daniel Bryan vs. Ted DiBiase: Winner: Daniel Bryan

Alberto Del Rio vs. Kofi Kingston: Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Smackdown Elimination Chamber match: Winner and still champion: (c) Edge

WWE Tag Team Title Match: Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater vs.(c) Santino & Kozlov: Winners: The Corre

WWE Championship Match: Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. (c) The Miz: Winner: The Miz

RAW Elimination Chamber Match: Winner: John Cena


Both Pay-Per-Views had some good points and some bad points.

Against All Odds had a surprise X Division title match and a really good ladder match as the main event. Another good thing about Against All Odds was Jeff Hardy regaining his World Heavyweight Championship.

The cons of Against All Odds were that Generation Me didn't make it due to travel issues. Bully Ray defeated Devon, meaning their feud will continue. Samoa Joe beat Pope. Jeff Hardy regained his TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

I mentioned Jeff Hardy winning the TNA Heavyweight Championship as a pro and con because many fans wanted Anderson to retain and because it was too soon to take the belt off Anderson. 

However it is good in many cases because we get to see "The Anti-Christ" get another reign and a feud between him and AJ Styles for the belt in the future.

Elimination Chamber was enjoyable too. It had good matches and some pretty amazing spots. We witnessed John Morrison do all these crazy Spider-man stunts and at one point, climb to the roof of the structure and land on Sheamus below.

The opening match was good back and forth action between Del Rio and Kingston.

John Morrison is what made the RAW Elimination Chamber entertaining.

As for the SmackDown Elimination Chamber, people say it stole the show.

The only upset in it was The Big Show being named the surprise entrant. Besides that it was amazing.

The cons of Elimination Chamber was the tag team title match, Cena winning the RAW Elimination Chamber match and the fact that the pay-per-view was too predictable!

Every one of my predictions was correct! I'm sure everyone's were correct too!

The pros were The Corre winning the tag team titles, Miz retains the WWE Championship, Edge retains, Christian returns and John Morrison's performance in the Elimination Chamber.

Despite the Elimination Chamber being too predictable, it was an awesome event.

I am voting Elimination Chamber for this February edition of Monthly Madness pay-per-view of the month.

Be sure to vote in the comment section below on which PPV you thought was better. There is no March edition of Monthly Madness due to the fact that there is no WWE pay-per-view in March for proper build up of Wrestlemania! Next edition of MM will be TNA LockDown vs. WWE Wrestlemania. Can't wait. 

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