The Five Greatest Boxers of All Time

Elmer CrisostomoCorrespondent ISeptember 25, 2008

Any serious boxing fan can come up with a list of his all-time greats using any chosen set of criteria to make it more credible than just, maybe, popping out names out of nowhere.

As someone who has been following the sport for decades, I humbly share my thoughts on who the five greatest boxers of all-time are, using such factors as achievements, contributions to the upliftment of the sport, and popularity.

Everyone can agree or disagree with me, but the bottom line is, at least, I have already scratched the 'itch' in me.

So, without further ado, ladies and gentlemen of Bleacher Report and the world, here are my five greatest boxers of all-time:

No. 5 Evander Holyfield

One of the most courageous athlete who had worn a pair of gloves, Evander's ticket to fame was his ability to look at Tyson eye-to-eye. Iron Mike was boxing's most feared pugilist and everyone he fought were trembling even before the opening bell. However, Holyfield had successfully dismantled him twice over and even making him lose his senses.

Having won world heavyweight titles during the era where the division still mattered, Evander Holyfield defied great odds to prove that boxing is not only all about having the most powerful punches, but having the biggest heart as well.

No. 4 Manny Pacquiao

An ever-evolving fighter who captured the hearts of millions with his big fighting heart, Manny is one of the present day saviors of boxing. In the sport where many are losing interests because of underperforming and overrated stars, sloppy decisions, and other factors, the Filipino fighter had greatly helped putting the sport in the consciousness of millions once more.

No. 3 Oscar De La Hoya

One of the boxers who don't look like one, the Golden Boy had definitely put boxing several notches higher with his popularity rooted not only on his brawn but brains and looks as well. In his prime, Dela Hoya was a joy to watch and he won boxing titles in different weight divisions mostly in convincing fashions.

No. 2 Muhammad Ali

He may be the self-proclaimed greatest fighter of all-time but many people were thrilled with his fighting style dubbed as "floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee." Ali is considered as one of boxing's icons and his popularity no doubt had revolutionized the game of boxing.

No. 1 Rocky Marciano

Retiring with a perfect record is definitely an envy of every boxer. Although Floyd Mayweather had retired unscathed as well, Rocky did not avoid anyone in his time. He had fought every worthy heavyweight and convincingly won every single fight until his retirement. His feat will definitely hard to duplicate and it will probably remain unmatched for many more decades.