WWE RAW: The Mystery of 2.21.11 Revealed Tonight! Who Can It Be?

James Pinches@TweetPinchContributor IFebruary 21, 2011

WWE RAW: The Mystery of 2.21.11 Revealed Tonight! Who Can It Be?

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    Who could it be?

    Welcome to my first ever slideshow on Bleacher Report. I hope you like it.

    The 2.21.11 promo has had us on the edge of our seats since a 10 second glimpse at a rainy shack and an overcoat. It may be one of WWE's best promos to date and I am so excited just for the end to the speculation.

    I will be looking at who could be revealed tonight. We'll have a look through the options and then I'll tell you who I want it be.

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The Undertaker

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    Could it be The Deadman?

    I think the odds on favourite has to be The Undertaker. With the gloomy images and the tune synonymous with The Deadman after it was used for WrestleMania26, he fits the bill perfectly. Or is this a curve ball?

    Everyone knows The Undertaker will return at Fresno and will be at WrestleMania but does that necessarily mean the promo is about him?

    Now obviously the Undertaker is one of the biggest draws for WrestleMania and would surely be worth a promo but is it all a bit too obvious? Or is he one of the two mysterious figures?


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    Is Sting finally going to sign with the WWE?

    Can the rumours be true? Will Sting finally sign for the WWE? I think this would be everyone's favorite option, and with a supposedly WCW themed WrestleMania this year, I suppose it is possible.

    He famously said he would never work with Vince, but will he cash in his final pay check with WWE and give the fans the match they want before he gets inducted into the Hall Of Fame?

    The whole of the IWC has been talking about this and with Sting appearing at RAW tonight would certainly equal a lot more PPV sales.

Triple H

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    Could Triple H be making his long awaited return?

    Will Triple H step out from the background to be a Main Event player once more? He does have a lot of creative control at the WWE, and this could be all his own making for a triumphant return!

    Will the King of Kings have a new darker gimmick since he got took out by King Sheamus? As we know he could quite easily grow that mustache.

    Obviously he has a lot of power at the WWE and could easily manufacture his own return, would it be against the Undertaker or Sheamus? I think the Undertaker vs Triple H as the headline at Wrestlemania would certainly be a great match but could he break the Streak?

Shawn Michaels

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    Will the Showstopper come out of retirement?

    Will Mr. WrestleMania come out of retirement to go for the hat-trick against The Undertaker? Or is this just people's imaginations running wild?

    Could Shawn resist one last crack at beating the streak? I don't think he could, but he did say he wouldn't do a ric Flair. So unfortunately, if it is for HBK I think it will be in some General Manager capacity.

    Another option could be that the two men in the promo would be Triple H and Shawn Michaels, possible D-Generation X reunion would be amazing and a definite crowd pleaser. Maybe interfere in the Edge vs Del Rio match and have a DX vs Edge and Christian feud?

Kevin Nash

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    Could it be Diesel after his Royal Rumble appearance?

    Could Kevin Nash return to the WWE full time after his brief Royal Rumble appearance? Or is he not good enough or worthy of a promo of this magnitude?

    He signaled that there may be a feud between him and the Big Show at the Royal Rumble with an epic stare-down, although Big Show is on Smackdown so it stands a good chance it is not Kevin Nash. And I can't see a Diesel vs Undertaker match being particularly exciting.

Michael Tarver

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    Is it Tarver now hes recovered from his injury?

    We've seen him hanging around and no one seems particularly sure why, but I'm absolutely positive there is a reason.

    He is highly rated behind the scenes and this could be his big push although if he were to face 'Taker I'm pretty sure he would not last very long at all!

Chris Jericho

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    Jericho has used promos to great effect before.

    Chris Jericho has used promos of this nature to great effect before. Could we see the third incarnation of Y2J?

    We know he is going to come back at some point, but is it too soon for him to come back yet?

    Is he the one who will break the Undertakers streak? He has form with Hall of Famers and future Hall of Famers so could he be the surprise we're waiting for?

Awesome Kong

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    Awesome Kong is definitely joining WWE, but would a diva get a promo

    Could all this fuss be over a Diva? I certainly hope not.

    I generally turn off/go to the loo/make a cup of tea for Divas matches. Plus there is definitely one man in the video, but who is the other mysterious figure?

My Dream Result

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    Could the dream match happen??

    I personally would love it to be Sting. As would everyone I'm sure.

    It would be an amazing set up between The Icon and The Phenom. And I'm sure the IWC agrees with me!

    My second option would be a DX reunion either Shawn or Hunter would be a great draw but I'm almost 100 percent certain one of the men in the promo will be The Undertaker.