Prince of Parkour: The Phenomenal Performances of John Morrison

AmsterdamCorrespondent IFebruary 21, 2011

If there is anything I learned from watching the Raw Elimination Chamber match last night, its that John Morrison deserves to headlining WrestleMania XXVII against The Miz instead of John Cena.

In the eyes of many, John Morrison delivered the best performance of all the Raw superstars. He provided the most memorable moment of the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view when he climbed to the top of the chamber itself and dropped all the way down to the ring below to pin King Sheamus.

But this isn't the first time the WWE Universe has witnessed an amazing performance from John Morrison.

When Morrison was drafted to Monday Night Raw in April 2010, many fans assumed that Morrison would be lost in the shuffle. When going up against the likes of the likes of John Cena, Randy Orton, Sheamus, Wade Barrett and The Miz, there would be no place for the "Shaman of Sexy" to shine in the crowded brand.

And at first, they were right.

One of the biggest problems with John Morrison is that he can't talk as a babyface. As a heel, Morrison proved that he could get the job done by displaying a psychedelic sense of arrogance; talking down all who seemed to be lower than him.

But since turning face in 2009, Morrison has proven time and time again that he simply dosen't work as one of the good guys. It's not that he's god-awful on the mic (someone like Jeff Hardy is another story), as many would claim i,t's just that his material comes across as so lame and cheesy that even The Rock might have trouble pulling it off.

Combine his corny dialouge with his average mic work and you're trying to find the mute button on your remote.

But as the months went by, John Morrison grew a beard and slowly retired The Shaman of Sexy gimmick that made him so well-known during the late 2000s.

The successor? The Prince of Parkour.

The first signs of Morrison's ability to use any surrounding enviorment as his own virtual playground started last summer, but he began to use this talent more prominently shortly before his former tag team partner, The Miz, won the WWE Championship in late 2010.

Starting with last year's Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, Morrison lived up to his newfound nickname when he scaled the steel support beams of the entrance ramp during his United States Championship match against Daniel Bryan and The Miz.

Launching himself onto his opponents, this would be the beginning of what is now a series of death-defying stunts the crowd looks to see from John Morrison at every pay-per-view or special episode of Monday Night Raw.

Immediately following his US title shot, Morrison began a fued with Sheamus that spanned Survivor Series, King of the Ring and TLC.

What started as innocent attempt to help Santino Marella led to one of the biggest non-title fued of 2010. Morrison managed to defeat Sheamus at Survivor Series, but Sheamus would quickly rebound by becoming the 2010 King of the Ring the following night on Raw.  

The evenly-matched feud culminated at TLC, where an injured Morrison scaled a ladder to win a title shot for the WWE Championship. During the match against Sheamus, Morrison not only threw himself onto The Celtic Warrior, but through a ladder as well.

Having earned his title shot, Morrison would find himself facing an old rival—The Miz.

In a match that is considered to be the best of The Miz's title reign thus far, the two enemies clashed one-on-one for the first time in over a year. While The Awesome One held his own, it was The Prince of Parkour that provided a majority of the offense.

At one point, Morrison scaled to the top of World Wresling Entertainment's iconic W sign and threw himself on top of both The Miz and his sidekick Alex Riley. But the turning of the tide happened when Morrison hit Starship Pain on an empty table meant for The Miz.

This allowed the latter to quickly hit the Skull Crushing Finale on his old rival and retain the title.

In life, there are winners and there are losers. In this match, The Miz came out the winner—for now.

At the 2011 Royal Rumble, John Morrison avoided elimination by turning into Spider-man. After being thrown out of the ring by William Regal, Morrison clung to black barricade for dear life before managing to tip toe across the top of the structure. He then jumped onto the steel steps and re-entered the Rumble.

This finally brings us back to last night, where John Morrison gave the world an Elimination Chamber performance to be remembered.

There was a time that I believed John Morrison had turned into a shadow of his former self. I thought that his babyface turn would never work out and that he would continue to fade away into midcard hell, remembered only for what he used to be and not for what he currently was.

In the past six months, I can honestly say that I've eaten my words.

Johh Morrison has emerged as perhaps the most entertaining WWE Superstar on the Raw roster.

There's an old saying that says actions speak louder than words. For a man that knows he isn't the best of on the microphone and never will be, John Morrison has proven to the WWE Universe that he is part of the company's future regardless.

Hopefully, he'll win the WWE Championship before the year is over.

But with or without the title around his waist, he has found a way to entertain us all.