NFL Bold Predictions: Week Four

Joe WillettSenior Writer ISeptember 25, 2008

Week Four is finally here, and I know you are all excited.  This means the one-fourth mark for most teams and everybody has benchmarks they want to hit.

Certain teams want to make their way up to .500, certain teams just want to win, and certain teams look to build upon surprising success.

So what are some crazy things I see happening this week?

  • Vince Young becomes the sob story of the NFL this season.  Can anybody say "next Michael Vick?"
  • With Plaxico Burress not playing this week or next, Braylon Edwards steps up big time. The two may not seem connected to you, but to me, it means the world.
  • Brandon Lloyd goes off for eight catches and 159 yards with two touchdowns as the Bears upset the Eagles 35-21.
  • Brett Favre has a gruesome injury to his already-sore ankle that effectively ends his season and his career...thanks to Bernard Pollard who appears out of nowhere.
  • The Lions' starters, rejuvenated by the firing of Matt Millen, shut out the practice squad since they don't have a game this week.  At least they can play defense against somebody.
  • Chad Ocho-Cinco, disgruntled by the Bengals management and the NFL, skips this week's game to go mo-pedding with Monta Ellis.
  • The Redskins walk on the field with jerseys that say "F$*# the NFL" for their unlucky placement in divisions.
  • Jason Taylor surprises everybody by playing this week despite an injury.  Ends career.

Now that we've had a little fun with some predictions, what are some over/unders for this week in the NFL?

  • Penalties for excessive celebration +/- 634
  • Fans confused by the fact that Lil Wayne now has a blog on +/- 29,245,234
  • Bad calls that cost a team a game +/- 3
  • Times Chris Collinsworth causes me to go into convulsions due to him being a dumbass +/- 356
  • Points the Bears have before blowing the game +/- 21

There you go, all the over/unders and crazy predictions that should last you through the week.

Note: This week's "You Can Bet on It..." will be coming out Saturday instead of the usual Friday due to a day tailgating before my school's Homecoming Game.

I'm Joe W.

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