Six Teams College Football Fans Love to Hate

Dusty FloydCorrespondent ISeptember 25, 2008

There are many teams in college football that nobody cares for at all, and then there are teams who just drive other college football fans crazy.

There are plenty of reasons to hate a team. Their fans, their fight song, or even their mascot can force an opposing fan to hate that team.

Here are six of the most hated teams in college football:


1. Notre Dame Fighting Irish

The Fighting Irish are just like the Yankees, you either love them or you hate them. That's all you need to say for Notre Dame. Oh, and Lou Holtz is one of the most annoying college football analysts ever.


2. USC Trojans

They have gotten better and better, which draws in more hate from around the country. It's also brought in even more bandwagon fans, which every sports fan hates.


3. Tennessee Volunteers

As if their long winning tradition isn't enough to be jealous of, at Neyland Stadium they play "Rocky Top" 30-40 times per game. If you don't know the song before you go to the game, I will give you a 100 percent guarantee that you will know every single word after you leave Knoxville that day.


4. Ohio State Buckeyes

OH-IO! The Buckeyes take their football tradition very far back. College football fans are sick and tired of watching the Buckeyes get blown out in back-to-back national championships, knowing that any top 25 team could come in more prepared.


5. Florida Gators

The Gator fans are obnoxious, annoying jerks. Did I mention that every other college football team wishes that they had Tim Tebow leading their team?


6. Michigan Wolverines

Everyone had a good laugh after watching the Wolverines get it handed to them by Appalachian State, then seeing all of the Michigan fans cry their eyes out.