WWE: The Pros and Cons of John Cena Going To WrestleMania

Chris FreemanCorrespondent IFebruary 21, 2011

Courtesy of WWE.com (by the way, this picture reads "Man of Steel" on the website. At least WWE realizes who Cena is now).
Courtesy of WWE.com (by the way, this picture reads "Man of Steel" on the website. At least WWE realizes who Cena is now).

Last night, the Elimination Chamber, while a predictable and unremarkable affair, failed to disappoint in my opinion. Alberto Del Rio vs. Edge is the current SmackDown main event, while John Cena vs. The Miz is the RAW main event. And of course, with the 2/21/11 promos now pointing to the Undertaker (and with the looming return of Triple H), we can chalk up another WrestleMania match in Triple H vs. The Undertaker.

Yes, that's right: John Cena is headlining WrestleMania. Again. I already know what you're all thinking and believe me, I'm thinking it, too. But you know, every cloud has a silver lining. There are some obvious (and not-so-obvious) positives about this whole ordeal. And of course, this situation has its negatives as well.

Please take note while reading this that I am a fan of John Cena. The man is a talented individual and certainly knows how to tell a story (whether on the mic or in the ring). I will try to be as unbiased as possible and view each side of every argument made here today.

The Pros

So, let's begin by looking at why Cena's win was a good thing.

John Cena vs. The Miz is the most marketable match at this time

At the moment, the top three faces on RAW are John Cena, Randy Orton and John Morrison. If you look closely at these three young competitors, you'll realize that Randy Orton and John Morrison both suffered relatively recent losses to the Miz (though those losses may or may not have been clean).

John Morrison was defeated in the very first match of 2011, following a failed attempt to put the Miz through a table using his Starship Pain. Randy Orton, on the other hand, just came out of a PPV loss to the Miz, which Miz won with help from CM Punk and the Nexus.

As you can see, we have already seen two out of three of the top faces of RAW go at it with the Miz. This leaves John Cena as the only other option, as the fans have yet to see Cena and the Miz vie for the title. This, and the fact that John Cena is the current poster boy of the WWE, make Cena the most marketable opponent for the Miz.

Now, I know what you're saying: "John Cena vs. The Rock would be a much more profitable match!" Well, this is true. I believe that a Cena vs. The Rock (or as it would probably be billed, "Icon vs. Icon II") would easily get the buys that Vince wants.

But, it seems that this match is still just a "dream match" and has yet to actually come into fruition (though they could easily make this match happen at WrestleMania 28, the home of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. You never know!). So, Cena vs. the Miz is the most profitable match for the WWE title.

However, I have to add that making this match a triple threat would get just as many buys—if not more—simply by adding another competitor. But who would that competitor be? I would want that man to be John Morrison (or as I like to call him, "my pick to win the Elimination Chamber last night").

Having Cena in the main event will get the buys from the little kids who want to see him and adding John Morrison to the mix will draw in even more fans (including IWC JoMo marks) and provide an outlet for giving Morrison his long overdue championship reign.

John Cena has stayed out of the title picture since September

I know, right? Most of you probably said "No way!" when you read this, but its true. Not since Night of Champions have we seen John Cena anywhere near the title.

As annoying as the story was, you have to give props to the Nexus angle for giving us a breath of fresh air in the title picture (at least for a while). With all this time away from the main event scene, having John Cena win the WWE title back won't really be such a big deal.

"But he's already a nine-time World Champion!" True, but the guy is only 33. You can't keep the title off of him forever. Like I said, he's the poster child of the current WWE. Plus, Edge is an 11-time World Champion.

"But Edge is better than Cena and has been with the company longer!" I agree with both of these statements, but you have to understand that this argument is also subjective and thus, doesn't really count for anything when discussing Cena and the main event scene. I don't exactly like how quickly the titles change hands, but it's creative's fault—not Cena's.

Also, considering how much the WWE is hurting for main event stars (the current list on RAW is John Cena, Randy Orton, The Miz, CM Punk, Sheamus, John Morrison (debatable, but I'm counting him) and a returning Triple H), heel vs. heel wouldn't be good (well, good for the crowd, because they wouldn't know who to cheer and who to boo), so Punk and Sheamus are out of the question (at least while Miz is champion).

We've already seen Orton and Morrison have a go at the title. Also, Triple H won't be taking a full-time schedule upon his return. So, like I mentioned earlier, Cena is the best option (its unfortunate, but true).

John Cena winning the title opens the doors for other stars/introduces new feuds

This seems like an obvious one. John Cena is probably the best person at putting over talent in the WWE today (ever since Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels left, that is). Having the title around Cena's waist can be used as a way of getting over younger stars who have yet to break out in the main event scene.

I'm not saying Cena should be a transitional champion or anything. I'm just saying that Cena is the best at putting new guys over and his title reign can be a stepping stone for a younger guy.

But who? Well, the most obvious choices that come to mind are Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler seems like the more likely option of the two, as he was recently "fired" by Teddy Long on SmackDown.

This "firing" seems to be a way of putting Ziggler on RAW, as WWE officials are obviously high on him (letting him challenge for the title four times in a month, giving him an official—albeit short—title reign and obviously, more screen time) and sending him to the main show will do well for him.

As for Drew, well he seems to finally be clicking with the crowd. His character is starting to develop, his mic skills are improving and we're finally seeing why Vince dubbed him "The Chosen One."

The only thing working against a possible feud with Cena is the fact that he's on SmackDown. And considering the possibility that there might not be a WWE draft this year (it's been rumored because of the debut of Tough Enough, which will take up the additional hour "needed" for the draft), he would probably be stuck on the blue brand for the time being.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand—Cena. Well, let's say he doesn't feud with a younger guy. Well, who will he face then? Having Cena as champion will open the door to other feuds, besides feuds intended to put newer guys over.

One that comes to mind is a feud with CM Punk. A proper feud with CM Punk. As we all saw, Punk seemed to switch his target at last month's Royal Rumble event, when he cost Orton the title. Before that, he was in a feud with Cena that also involved the Nexus. Considering the likelihood that Randy Orton will take out the remaining lackeys of Nexus between now and WrestleMania, this leaves CM Punk as his own man.

After Punk and Orton finally finish their feud (probably a couple of months after WrestleMania and after Cena and the Miz are finished), this leaves Punk and Cena both without opponents. Considering how Punk-Cena was seemingly postponed, this would be a perfect time to reintroduce this feud and at the same time, reintroduce Punk to the title scene.

Well, now that we've covered the pros, let's switch gears and be "negative Nancy's" for a moment.

The Cons

This is John Cena's seventh consecutive WrestleMania main event

Yes, let's go ahead and discuss the big one. The reason why a lot of us are pretty upset with the decision to have Cena win the Elimination Chamber last night. John Cena is heading to his seventh straight WrestleMania World Title match.

You know, I think I'm finally starting to understand why people consider the Attitude Era to be the greatest time for the WWE. There was a lot more variety during the WrestleMania main events (Attitude Era mainstays The Rock and Stone Cold both headlined main events three or four times during their day) of those days.

"Well, Hulk Hogan headlined a main event for the first nine WrestleManias." First of all, that's like me saying "Burger King has sesame seeds on their buns" and somebody responding with "So does Hardees." It's irrelevant to the point that Cena is headlining a main event yet again and in fact, I never said I liked Hogan's constant headlining of main events either.

Plus, Hogan only headlined five main events in a row (Macho Man vs. Ted DiBiase headlined the main event at WrestleMania IV), so Cena has already broken his record! I like Cena, I really do, and his WrestleMania matches are usually pretty good, but it's still a little ridiculous.

John Cena will win

This is a given. After the year that John Cena has had, there is no way he will lose.

"After the year I've had, I need this." These are the words that Cena said to us last week. It's an stale formula that the WWE keeps feeding us: Cena wins at WrestleMania, then Cena holds title for a while, then Cena loses title, then Cena suffers some kind of humiliation OR wins back the title OR has a random feud and then repeat all over again.

It's almost not worth watching, considering how predictable it is. But, considering how the Elimination Chamber was predictable (so much so, in fact, that I correctly guessed the outcome of every match/elimination), but still a good show, I'm definitely buying WrestleMania.

But the WWE could at least stray from the safe option every now and then. I mean, you can't win the jackpot if you don't gamble.

WWE is writing themselves into a corner

I mentioned earlier that John Cena vs. the Miz is the biggest draw for the WWE title. Well, they wouldn't have to keep putting Cena in the main event at WrestleMania if they would focus on other talents besides those named John Cena, Randy Orton, Edge and Triple H.

I know these are the top names, but the only reason they are the top names is because WWE isn't correctly using some of their other talents. Christian, John Morrison, Kofi Kingston, Wade Barrett and Sheamus are all guys who, if built up properly, could easily help ween WWE off their dependency of the aforementioned top guys. 

If WWE keeps it up, they're going to back themselves into a deep, dark corner. John Cena will NOT last forever. He is 33 and probably has about 10 years left. However, spending this time keeping him on top will not do good for the WWE in the long run. They need to focus on their younger/newer talent more, because some of them could be the future of the company.

But what do you guys think? Is Cena winning a good thing or a bad thing? Will you be buying WrestleMania? Leave comments below and I would appreciate it if you press "LIKE" (but only if you liked it).


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