Candidates Most Likely the Anonymous Raw General Manager

David Rutter@DavidRutter1990Correspondent IIIFebruary 20, 2011

Candidates Most Likely the Anonymous Raw General Manager

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    I think we can all agree that this "Anonymous Raw General Manager" story line has run its course...quite frankly, it ran its course four months ago.

    With WrestleMania approaching, it's a pretty safe assumption that this story line is nearing its end just like most story lines do at this time.

    Here are (in my opinion) the most likely suspects of how the GM could be.

5. Stephanie McMahon

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    Why not bring back someone familiar?

    Stephanie has been both the general manager of SmackDown (2002-03) and Raw (2008-09).

    She had a hostile relationship with Chris Jericho, who the current Raw GM also had issues with up until he left the company.

    Not to mention that both her and the current GM have their moments of being a heel and a babyface. The new GM came about right after Vince McMahon was taken out by Nexus in June, so maybe his daughter decided to run things once again.

4. Vickie Guerrero

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    She seems to show up whenever she wants! Why not just make it official?

3. Vince McMahon

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    Aside from supposedly being in a coma (which was completely forgotten when he randomly appeared on Raw two weeks ago), it's quite possible he could be the GM.

    I mean, after the beat down from Nexus, he could just say he sent e-mails from the hospital or wherever he recovered from, even though seven months of recovery is a lot for the man who took a weekly beating from "Stone Cold" Steve Austin for three years.

2. Michael Cole

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    This one is my wild card, I have no idea how they'd go about pulling this off, my only guess is that he got tired of sitting on the sidelines for over 10 years and saw an opportunity and took it.

    He could just say that he insulted himself to throw people off, I guess. I haven't seen someone jump up out of their seat to read an e-mail so quickly since my idiot grandfather thought the president of Nigeria left him $10 billion.

1. Triple H

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    From what I've been hearing, this is the most likely scenario.

    Triple H went down with an injury about two months before the story line started. He's been talking about retiring after this year's WrestleMania and it's been written into story lines that he's the boss' son-in-law, so why not have Vince appoint him the on-screen GM?

    The Raw GM has gone after people that Triple H has had personal feuds with (Jericho, Edge and Sheamus), like I've made mention before the GM has gone between heel and babyface, HHH does the same and at this point is there really anyone else that it could be?

    Think about it, if the "2/21/11" promos are, in fact, Undertaker, then HHH can come out and reveal himself as the GM and proceed to book himself in a match against Undertaker to try and avenge Shawn Michaels.

The End!

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    Feel free to tell me how much my list sucks and who you think is most likely the GM!


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