41 Down, 41 to Go: Ottawa Senators at the Halfway Mark

Joe LaflecheCorrespondent IJanuary 10, 2008

Well, with 50 percent of the NHL season done, as seems to be a repeating theme last few years, the Ottawa Senators are right where they would like to be: on top!

With a great record, which puts them eight points in front of second-place New Jersey, nobody can say that the Sens don't have what it takes to win.

However, a couple minor modifications to the lineup could increase their chances.

Between the pipes, the Sens have for once a problem that most teams would like to have: two good goalies. Even if some say that Ray Emery has passed the crest of his career and is now on the downslide, he still has a good amount of years in him.

Martin Gerber is playing very confidently right now, with good reason. The hockey Gods have smiled upon him, and he is rewarding them with a 100 percent effort in every game. In short, even if the Sens did want to move Gerber or Emery, they would be getting the short end of the stick.

On the blueline, a little tweaking could make a big difference—but in order to do that, the Sens would need to find a good shot-blocking, high-scoring, grinding D-man, someone who could rush up into the play and come back just as easily. If anybody knows of such a defenceman that wants to be traded, please let the Sens know.

Finally, the offensive end: What more could you want? Each team has their ups and downs offensively, and to say otherwise would be completely stupid. With what Ottawa has, they better be happy! Dany Heately is having another amazing year, and Daniel Alfredson has shown the fans once again why he has a 'C' on his shirt. Not to mention Jason Spezza, who is still improving.

In short, nobody can come near Ottawa in the East, and with the experienced gained in last year's playoffs, the Ottawa Senators can truily say that they have the hockey world on the run.