WWE: How The Wrestlemania 27 Main Event Could Damage Company's Future

Don DiabloContributor IIIFebruary 21, 2011

Rumors are abound that this year's Wrestlemania main event will pit Triple H against The Undertaker with Shawn Michaels as the special guest referee.  I am not against the match as it will draw pay-per-view buys and is perfect for the grandest stage of professional wrestling.  I do, however, have an issue with the match's stipulation of career versus streak.

As a fan, this is a great match with two legends of sports entertainment that could potentially create another classic Wrestlemania moment.  From the WWE's point of view this will be the money drawing match for Wrestlemania 27. My opinion, however, is that this match is a lose-lose situation proposition with the stipulation. 

With the Undertaker's Streak on the line as he loses the match-up, the nostalgia of the Streak is gone.  While the Undertaker does not have many Wrestlemanias left in his career, the Streak is a storyline that can be used to start any Undertaker match leading to the event.  And if he were to end the streak against Triple H would this be the end of the illustrious career of the Undertaker? For now I hope not.

As for the stipulation of Triple H putting his career on the line, it is also a losing situation for the WWE.  In a time where main event caliber or proven commodities are a must in the wrestling industry, the loss of another sports entertainment legend would continue to wear on the WWE product.  Triple H can still compete in the ring even though his career path is heading towards the front office.

Most people have seen the drop in WWE stock through 2010 with the departures of Shawn Michaels, Dave Batista and Chris Jericho.  This includes the injury issues of Triple H and the Undertaker.  While these losses have brought us the younger crop of potential main eventers, the WWE still needs their legends for a couple more years.

Just look at the Royal Rumble in January.  The massive pop for Kevin Nash and Booker T were on par with John Cena and Randy Orton.  The reaction to the Rock being announced as Wrestlemania host was also something I have not seen in the WWE for a long time.  Having a known commodity, in lean times, is good business. 

Most assume that Triple H will take over the WWE from Vince at some point.  He's been spending more time in corporate headquarters while recovering from his most recent injuries.  However, I do not think Vince is giving up control any time soon. Furthermore, for the benefit of what will be Triple H's company, he is still needed as a superstar. 

Both the Undertaker and Triple H are near the end of illustrious careers. So in the future the stipulation of streak versus career will work, but not this year.  The WWE needs these two legends to push the latest crop of aspiring superstars. This should be a priority to ensure the future of the WWE.