History To Be Made This Season When Manchester United Are Crowned Champions

True BlueCorrespondent IFebruary 19, 2011

The future's bright, the future's Bebe?
The future's bright, the future's Bebe?Mark Thompson/Getty Images

It is highly likely that Manchester United will be crowned English League champions and in doing so will make history.

Yes, we all know that they will then become the most titled team in English football with a total of nineteen successes, but that's not the history that I refer to.

They will also go down as the worst team ever to have been classed as "Champions."

For anyone having watched them this year there is no doubt that they have definitely "got away with it."

Yes they are currently far in advance of City, Arsenal, Spurs and indeed Chelsea, but all of those teams have worked miracles on United's behalf.

Without City's indifferent form this season, Arsenal's self-inflicted wounds, Spurs' focus on the Champions League and Chelsea's embarrassing implosion and loss of faith (brought on by the crazy sacking of Ray Wilkins), United would certainly not be winning the title.

United's form has been so poor as to be considered an embarrassment even by United's own fans with the Red Cafe forum choc full of negative comments.

I suppose you can only beat the opposition that faces you and United will have gained more points than all other comers come the final whistle.

One thing is clear, we are very likely going to see the crowning of the worst champions since the invention of the moving image.

Being absolutely c**p yet winning the title still makes you c**p.