The Ziggy Screwjob: Did WWE Drop The Ball, Or Was Dolph Ziggler Punished?

David WhiteheadContributor IFebruary 19, 2011

The next WWE hot topic, probably for all of the wrong reasons: the Ziggy Screwjob, as I've coined it. Why? Read on.

Let's recap the story so far, as it may be confusing to some. I don't blame you if you're trying to make sense of it.

At SmackDown tapings on Jan. 4, Ziggler lost the Intercontinental Championship to Kofi Kingston after a five-month reign. That same night, Ziggler won a four-way match against Cody Rhodes, Drew McIntyre, and The Big Show to become the No. 1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.

So far, so good: even if he didn't win the strap (which at that point in his career would be a mistake), he could gain a ton of ground if he has a great match.

Ziggler received his match for the WHC at the Royal Rumble against Edge, but was unsuccessful after being speared. On Feb. 4, SmackDown's acting GM Vickie Guerrero announced that the spear was now banned, and that Ziggler would receive the title if Edge used it in the next match.

On the Feb. 11 SmackDown, Ziggler received a rematch for the title, only to lose after being speared once more in plain sight of Vickie, who was acting as special referee.

On Valentine's Day, Vickie stormed Raw with Dolph in tow, announcing that Edge had lost the championship due to using the illegal spear. The WHC holder was Ziggler, as Edge had held the belt illegally.

The Feb. 18 episode of SmackDown was Dolph's coronation ceremony. Guerrero fired Edge and awarded Ziggler the belt.

This is the date WWE's site lists Ziggler as officially gaining the title in spite of the victory occurring a week earlier.

Smackdown GM Theodore Long returned the same night and Guerrero claimed it was Ziggler who attacked Teddy weeks earlier. Teddy rehired Edge and gave him his rematch, who then won back the title. After the match, Long fired Ziggler.

Well, first off, in my opinion this was a monumental fumble. if you're going to have Ziggy win the WHC strap at this point in his career, then give the Title the respect it deserves and have him win it in a match cleanly.

If he'd then lost it at Elimination Chamber, at least he'd lose it at a PPV and gain some credibility in the eyes of the IWC. Surely WWE Creative didn't drop the ball on a storyline that involved a WHC match? Unless...

Dolph was set up to be chopped down. A screwjob? WWE punishing a wrestler because of his off-screen actions? Surely they wouldn't be so petty..?

Well, as we all know, yes, they can be that petty. Granted, Dolph Ziggler isn't Bret Hart and as far as we know he isn't about to leave WWE, but maybe his off-screen actions and behaviors forced Vince McMahon to take him down a peg or two.

This wouldn't be unprecedented. WWE officials felt that Jack Swagger got too big-headed while being pushed last year.

Apparently, he had began to get a reputation for being too cocky backstage and rubbed certain people the wrong way. As a result, the WHC was taken off him and his career took a step back as a result.

Whether there is truth to all of my supposition with Ziggler remains to be seen. Until then, I remain skeptical.