Minnesota Timberwolves Trade Speculation: Monta Ellis Is the Scorer They Need

Camden PaschAnalyst IIFebruary 19, 2011

The NBA trade deadline (Feb. 24) is approaching and general managers all around the league will evaluate their teams and see what position needs upgrading. The position needing an upgrade for the Minnesota Timberwolves is shooting guard.

The Timberwolves current starter at SG is Corey Brewer, who is the first-round bust from the 2007 NBA Draft.

Brewer averages just 8.6 points a game and 2.7 rebounds. He does lead the team in steals, but with only 1.6 steals a game. Brewer is a weak starter on the Timberwolves team and should be replaced via trade, free agency or the draft. 

A player that would benefit Minnesota would be Golden State's Monta Ellis. He is only 25 years young and is entering the prime of his career.

Ellis is the fifth-leading scorer in the NBA this season with 25.3 PPG and is third in steals per game with 2.20. He is an electrifying talent and would completely be an upgrade over Brewer.

Ellis is still young and would continue to grow with Kevin Love and Michael Beasley, creating an exceptional threesome of their own in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

A trade consisting of SG Corey Brewer, SF Wes Johnson and Minnesota's first-round pick (acquired from Utah) being sent to the Warriors for Ellis could get the job done. If Golden State rejects then I would have no problem with the T-Wolves throwing in another first-round pick in the deal. 

The Warriors are in the middle of the spectrum from good team to awful team. They have some decent pieces in the mix to make a playoff run, but most basketball fans know that they won't win a title with the team they have.

It may be time for Golden State to rebuild and get younger, while dumping off Ellis and the $44 million left on his contract, while also handing over the reigns of point guard to Stephen Curry.

With this trade, the Timberwolves fill the shooting guard position with a legit scorer in Ellis. He brings his dynamic ability to Minnesota and forms a young "Big Three" with Love and Beasley.

Love controls the glass like no other player in the game and is a rare 20-15 big man. Beasley is a young scoring forward that has all the potential in the world and has shown glimpses of brilliance this year in a Wolves jersey. With all three together, Minnesota finally would have a team that is a threat in the NBA. 

Ellis is extremely underrated in today's game and it would be good for the game of basketball for the underachieving T-Wolves to make a trade that makes them better. If this deal were to happen, I could easily see the Timberwolves as a playoff team within the very next season.