Throwing Tomatoes: Who’s Seeing Red Entering Conference Play

Kevin PaulSenior Analyst ISeptember 24, 2008

With the stories of the college football year starting to pick up steam, it’s only fitting to stock up on tomatoes—specifically aiming at those who earned them in the opening weeks leading up to the beginning of conference play.  Take the following targets that may wanna duck due to their lackluster beginnings...

Throwing Tomatoes: Volume XVII

Ohio State

Tressel may want to switch from sweater vest to turtleneck.

For a team that appeared in back-to-back national title games, returned 19 starters, and snagged the top recruit in the country in Terrelle Pryor, the Buckeyes have really underachieved, getting smoked by USC, trailing late to Ohio, and struggling to get into the end zone against Youngstown State.

Maurice Evans

Someone please check his phone records for Josh Howard or Ricky Williams.

The defensive lineman for the Nittany Lions is considered one of the best in the country, but he’s yet to produce due to a marijuana possession charge.  Having him back will be key to Penn State’s season—but when that will be is still up in the air.


At least Piscataway is still a big score in Scrabble...

I guess it’s official: The Scarlet Knights are yesterday’s news, gone faster than you can say, “Ray Rice runs for the Ravens.”  If you need proof, how about blowout losses to Fresno State and North Carolina, plus losing to a Paul Johnson-less Navy team.  On the bright side, Morgan State is on deck.

West Virginia

All of a sudden, Rich Rod doesn’t look so bad now, does he?

After back-to-back road losses to East Carolina and Colorado, a three-game home stand against Marshall, Rutgers, and Syracuse will be mighty refreshing for the Mountaineers.


Steve Spurrier

Didn’t his past teams put up these kind of numbers in fourth quarter mop-up duty?

Great effort by South Carolina against Georgia, but...23 points against Wofford?  Really?


It isn’t like they can easily hide in those uniforms...

Plain and simple, this team should be better.  But if the Vols experience another loss like the OT heartbreaker to UCLA or the blowout against Florida, Coach Fulmer’s seat may get a little hotter.


After recent play, there’s only one place that finger belongs...

The Bruins have been outscored 90-10 over the last two weeks.  Something tells me that Tennessee game is feeling like it happened years ago.

Oregon State

McKnight with a migraine will still shred this Beaver defense...

“Wake me up when September ends” is what Coach Riley has to be saying, and with McKnight, Sanchez, and USC on deck, October won’t come soon enough.

East Carolina

Looks like Cinderella broke a heel on the way to the ball—or Tom O’Brien tripped her.

After such a great start, to lose to an NC State team that is still trying to find itself...that’s just a tough loss to take.  Besides, we as fans now have to look elsewhere for a BCS buster.

BYU anyone?  Or perhaps Boise State again?

This has been “Throwing Tomatoes”...where conference play could get even messier.