Shaq Roland: Why South Carolina Will Bring in Another Mr. Football in 2012

Alex RobertsCorrespondent IFebruary 18, 2011

Superstars Stephon Gilmore, Marcus Lattimore and Jadeveon Clowney all have one thing in common: They were all South Carolina's Mr. Football.

South Carolina is favored to land another one in the 2012 recruiting class. 

Next year, it is all but locked that Shaq Roland of Lexington High School will be the next in line for this prestigious award. As long as he works hard and contributes the same amount to his teams success, he will bring home that hardware. 

He is also already a four-star recruit according to scout, and could very well be a five-star athlete once his senior season is complete. 

He does a little bit of everything: He runs; he catches; he tackles; he takes kick off returns. 

More importantly: He scores touchdowns. 

He is also an incredible basketball player.

As a head basketball coach, I had of coaching against this young man when he was in the seventh grade. I had a good team: A couple of guys that may end up playing college football or basketball down the road; we were 8-6 and were never a push over.

Until we hit the buzzsaw that was Shaq Roland.

He was faster then everyone on the court. I had some eight graders that could move—speed was one of my teams strengths— yet, he made them look as though they were standing still. 

He scored 25 points (insane as a seventh grader) with seven assists and four rebounds on the way to a 48-26 win.

I kept that scorecard because I knew this kid would be something special.

He has not disappointed.

In high school, he has been compared to A.J. Green (when he plays receiver), Chris Johnson (when he runs with the ball) and Devin Hester (when he takes returns).

He is known for his speed and cutting ability. 

Adding him in 2012 would be a huge boon in South Carolina's recruiting. He plans to commit early during the summer, before his senior season. 

If you see an athlete like Shaq join South Carolina, look for others to follow and set up 2012 as another incredibly recruiting season for South Carolina.