WWE Power Rankings: The Top 25 Mic Workers in Wrestling History

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WWE Power Rankings: The Top 25 Mic Workers in Wrestling History

Throughout the years of the WWE, superstars have come and gone, some have faded into the darkness and been forgotten, while others have made their mark in wrestling history.

Allot of things make up a wrestler, their gimmick, their wrestling skills, their ability to connect with the fans, and finally probably the next most important thing to have next to wrestling skills, is mic skills.

A wrestler needs mic skills if he really wants to get over with the fans, a good example of this would be Kaval. He was a outstanding wrestler in the ring and could have a great match with anybody. But he lacked mic skills, and because of that he suffered and was eventually let go from the WWE.

Then you have someone like The Miz who's wrestling skills are sub par at best but what he lacks in wrestling skills he makes up for in mic skills. The Miz is dominant on the mic and is able to generate allot of heat and its because of that he is WWE Champion.

Mic skills are just as if not more important than wrestling skills, and in this article I will present to you the 25 greatest mic workers in wrestling history. I will tell you right now that this list will probably be controversial, you most likely wont agree with some superstars that I do or don't put on here, or where they are ranked in the list.

If that's the case after your done reading you can leave a comment and tell me your list for the 25 greatest mic workers in wrestling history, until then though enjoy!

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