Kyle Orton Is Still Chicago's Guy

James WilliamsonSenior Writer ISeptember 24, 2008

So Chicago is 1-2. What did Bear fans expect? A miracle?

I think Chicago has a great chance to go back to the Super Bowl, but championships aren't won in a day. Matt Forte looks like the new face of the Bears offense. The Bears are probably the best team at producing runningbacks and Matt Forte is at the best place if he wants a chance at a Hall of Fame career.

Just look at the Bears' history: Red Grange, Bronko Nagurski, Gale Sayer (just give me 60 minutes of daylight), Walter Payton (sweetness), and even my good friend's distant cousin Bill Osmanski (who was the guy who ran 68 yards from scrimmage to score the 1940 NFL Championship's first touchdown on its second play!) All of these guys except Osmanski are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and all of them are in the College Hall of Fame.

This team is a running team. With its first round pick they chose tackle Chris Williams from Vanderbilt in the last draft. Even though it was a bad pick (the guy has back problems), it tells people that the running game will always be the number one thing in Chicago.

Their best quarterback is Sid Luckman, who still holds the career passing records. That means if he is still on top then the Bears look at the run more than the pass. And Luckman played in the 40s. I honestly believe that this team is making excellent progress.

I saw Kyle Orton play the Packers last year in the 35-7 blowout. His one touchdown pass and the way he carried himself told me right there that he would be the starting quarterback.

He shouldn't take all the blame of Chicago's losses when they don't make him the offensive plan. They let receivers Bernard Berrian and Mushin Muhammad leave in the offseason. They draft a tackle instead of a receiver. They have fullback Jason McKie going for it on fourth down instead of giving Orton a shot at the pass. This guy may not be Dan Marino, but he gets the job done if you give him a shot. 

Chicago lost in overtime to the Buccaneers. They lost to Carolina, who held Forte to 77 yards rushing. Orton hands the ball to Forte, he doesn't run it for him. And how is Orton to blame for the defense's mistakes? They are the ones that let the other teams' offenses score, especially when the Bears had the lead. Is it his fault that star return man Devin Hester is injured and hasn't done anything?

True Orton didn't throw any touchdowns until week three, but also no interceptions, and that is a statistic I admire more. He may have thrown two interceptions last week, but he made up for each one with a touchdown pass.

How many interceptions do you think former quarterback Rex Grossman would have? Hmmm? Three, five, what's the magic number?

You can't blame Orton for that endzone pick. Forte was stripped by the defender—the pass was as beautiful as my girlfriend is in my eyes. That was a lowlight on Forte and a highlight on Orton since people doubt his arm's ability. That pass soared 40 yards into the endzone, people, and it hit Forte right in the chest. He just couldn't hang onto it.

The interception that was taken back was a mistake on Orton's part though. He was pressured and tried to force it instead of getting rid of it, but he's done that once so far. How many times would Rex Grossman have mad judgment errors like that by now? Hmmmmm?

This is his second year to start and he beat the Colts on Sunday Night Football. Refresh my memory, has Rex Grossman ever done that?

This guy is better than Grossman because he looks to execute, not be the heroic passer. I honestly think if Orton had been the starter in the Super Bowl the Colts would have had at least a tougher time.

Chicago is a team that is rebuilding right now. They need Matt Forte to gain a little more experience and a little more support by the receiving corps and this team can win a Super Bowl championship.

And if it happens, Orton will be a major part of it. Chicago should be excited about this new team that is about to arrive. Don't be surprised if the Eagles lose this Sunday.

This article is dedicated to one of my best friends. He is Bill Osmanski's cousin. Hoped you liked it man.