Omar Minaya Deserves 4-Year Extension To Remain NY Mets General Manager

Tanya MercadoCorrespondent ISeptember 24, 2008

Think what you want, Omar Minaya deserves this extension.

Mets fans need to consider the following:

1. When Steve Phillips was the GM, he signed Mo Vaughn and brought in Roberto Alomar. Those two were, at the time, the biggest jokes ever. He also had a hand in the firing of our beloved Bobby Valentine and replacing him with the catatonic Art Howe.

2. No Mets fan can ever forget the biggest blunder in the history of the NY Mets, outside of trading Tom Seaver of course. Jim Duquette traded Scott Kazmir for Victor Zambrano. What did the Mets really get? A never-was. The Tampa Bay Rays got an All-Star.

Not one of these moves resulted in a playoff berthe, but in the organization being laughed at. The New York Mets were the joke of this city. After such a successful 2000 season, it looked like they were going to be run out of town.

Fred Wilpon had finally had enough. He calls Omar Minaya up and gives him free reign to do as he pleases to get this team going.

Minaya does exactly that. As soon as the press conference was over to announce him as the new Mets GM, he got to work. He brought in players, including the great Pedro Martinez, that made Mets fans drool. Within a one year span, this organization began to matter again. It was no longer just a Yankee town.

Two years later, the Mets were in the playoffs. The whole city was in a frenzy, including Yankee fans. No other Mets manager has ever been able to bring this city together to root for one team as Minaya has done. To be able to get Yankee fans to root for the Mets also is an accomplishment in itself.

Minaya's failure to bring in bullpen help before the trading deadline is not a reason to get rid of him.

What did he bring? The following:

1. Pedro Martinez

2. Johan Santana - He managed to pull off this trade without giving up too much of the farm system. Despite giving up Carlos Gomez and Phillip Humber, he managed to keep Jonathan Niese, Jose Reyes, and Fernando Martinez who the Twins wanted as well.

3. Ryan Church and Brian Schneider - All he gave up was Lastings Milledge. No matter what Mets fans say, we really did not like Milledge anyway. Good riddance! We got the better part of this deal.

4. Mike Pelfrey - He managed to keep Big Pelf in the farm system. He is now our number two guy for the playoffs.

5. John Maine - Goodbye Ana Benson and company. Another deal we got the better part of considering Kris Benson went down for surgery and missed one whole year.

Of course I could say more, but there is only so much room to write.

Who still thinks Minaya should go? If you say he should, you're a fool. Minaya has been a huge reason why this organization is finally acknowledged by not only New York City, but all of baseball America.

The Wilpons will be doing themselves and Mets fans a favor by extending Minaya's contract for another four years.