Dixie Carter: The Downfall of TNA and Showing the Jarretts Who's Boss

Jason IovannaCorrespondent ISeptember 24, 2008

Recently on lordsofpain.net, the following was posted:

TNA had the first opportunity to sign Vladimir Kozlov. Jerry Jarrett stated in a recent interview that Dixie Carter didn't want to bring him in, as she didn't want to invest in a wrestler who couldn't produce immediately. As previously reported Kozlov is in line for a huge push and is expected to become a major player in WWE by the end of the year.

For those who don't know what has been going on in TNA, this is typical.  You have Dixie Carter, a trust fund baby, making decisions on bringing in young talent when she has been in the wrestling business for as long as a cup of coffee.

Again, this is why TNA makes no money, can't afford their rising talent, and can only produce shows on a sound stage.  They are leaving decisions like this in the hands of people who do not know wrestling.

Instead, all she does is praise Kurt Angle and everything he does for the company.  Bringing in top WWE talent has does nothing for TNA Impact ratings.  Yet, a huge prospect that soon will be a huge WWE star has slipped through their fingers.  Instead, they signed Mick Foley....brilliant.

For those of you who don't Vladimir Kozlov, he is a multi-talented athlete who has excelled in every sport he has played: Greco-Roman wrestling, rugby, American football, sambo, Judo, and kickboxing.  Moreover, he has been praised by WWE officials as a tremendous worker who has put in countless hours to make himself a better wrestler.  He has the look, the power, and the drive of a great up and coming wrestler.

Dixie should stay in the background and simply control financials.  What are the Jarretts doing letting her do this?  I was in the Tsongas Arena in Lowell, MA for Lockdown 2008 where she was talking to someone right in front of me where I was sitting.  I should have told her to keep her mouth shut then and just sign the checks.

Dixie, no one wants to see Kurt Angle, Booker T, and stupid gimmicks.  For the sake of TNA, let the people who know what they are doing (if there are any) run the talent.