WWE Capitol Punishment: Can Del Rio Overcome Big Show and Revive His Destiny?

Buzz M.Analyst IJune 19, 2011

What will happen when those two face tonight?
What will happen when those two face tonight?

Hello, B/R members, Buzz is back.

Capitol punishment is getting closer and many people are wondering what type of PPV they'll be watching—especially after all those vignettes featuring US President, Barack Obama, in mock press conferences.

The card looks okay until now and I hope we have a good event, especially after witnessing a below average Over the Limit last month.

Many fans are looking forward to matches like John Cena vs R-Truth, Christian vs Randy Orton, and Miz vs Alex Riley. However, there's a certain match that doesn't seem to be pulling the interest of most of them. I'm talking about Alberto Del Rio vs Big Show.

For many people, this match just seems to be booked as a filler, or maybe as an unneeded contest. But I'll have to strongly disagree here and I have many reasons to do so.

I'll break down this match in details, and then I'll try to preview Del Rio's future following this match.

Do WWE officials care for this match?

This question might look weird since the answer should definitely be YES. However, WWE did show in the past that they don't really care for all their matches on a certain card, and they just book some of them randomly. That's why it's important to ask this question here.

But my answer is YES. How do I know? Well, it's simple, WWE gave it a lot of prominence. I mean Del Rio was given time on every single week to further push this rivalry. Furthermore, WWE aired a lot of recaps about it and they even gave both superstars time on Smackdown.

So let's sum it up. Most recaps, whether on RAW or Smackdown, were about this rivalry. Both superstars were given a lot of time on RAW and even on Smackdown, a show they no longer belong to.

When WWE gives such prominence to a rivalry, it definitely means that they highly regard it as an important one. I know I might be thinking too deep here but I'm trying to say that this isn't just another randomly booked and unnecessary match. The points I mentioned above are enough to back up my claims.

Is Big Show a credible competitor?

Some people here and on other sites lately have been describing Big Show as a giant mid-card jobber, and a useless superstar to face. Well, all I have to do is quote the Miz and say, "Really?"

Have we already forgotten his run in the past two years? Have we already forgotten what he has done to most superstars he faced? I can't remember a major upset for Big Show since his losses against John Cena two years ago. And even in that feud, he did win the last match on RAW. Furthermore, he had another hot rivalry against Undertaker before and he even won cleanly in one of their matches.

Big Show had a somehow solid run after his return in 2008. He might not have won many titles but he had major rivalries against Undertaker and John Cena.

But again, did we forget his run on Smackdwon last year? After having a successful time on RAW in the teams of Jerishow and Shomiz, Big Show turned face and moved to Smackdown.

I don't think I need to remind you what he did to Jack Swagger and CM Punk's Straight Edge Society. I don't need to remind you how he destroyed other tag teams like the Dudebusters (do you still remember them?) and the team of Vance Archur and Curt Hawkins. And I guess I don't need to remind you what happened to the Corre. I would say that Ezekiel Jackson did well against him, but that was for a brief time before turning face and joining him.

Big Show might have lost some momentum lately, but overall he's still a serious contender to face. His snap lately only made him stronger and crazier.

Big Show is a respected veteran in WWE. So I guess that this will be a tough match for Alberto Del Rio and it might help him rise again.

Is Alberto Del Rio going down?

Well, I can't give a general answer to this question, but all I can say is that he's still somehow relevant until now, even though he did lose some of the momentum he's been building since his debut.

Sure, many disappointing events occurred during his run, but he can't be blamed here. The retirement of Edge came suddenly, and WWE had to make new decisions for his World Heavyweight Championship match at Extreme Rules.

After moving to RAW, it seemed that he was going to revive his rivalry against Rey Mysterio, but again, new plans were made due to John Morrison's injury. Instead, R-Truth, who was supposed to face Morrison, wrestled Mysterio at Over the Limit and this left the Mexican aristocrat with no match at last month's PPV.

So can we blame him for being a victim of the sudden occurrence of events? Of course we can't. And I can make a case that WWE still care about him unlike what many people are trying to say.

Despite not having a match at Over the Limit last month, WWE still gave him time to cut a typical promo that he would have cut on any other day. But it only showed that they can't keep him off TV, even if he was going to come out and say the same thing.

Even now, he's getting a good amount of time in his feud. It's not a rivalry for the title, but so what? He was in a title match less than two months ago and he might get another one in the coming weeks. Until then, he needs to go on unless people here believe that you either feud for a title or just vanish. I mean, what happened to fans wanting WWE to create other good rivalries that don't include titles?

Overall, he did lose some momentum after Extreme Rules. I mean he was having a nice and successful run. His buildup was great and he was able to beat several established superstars like Rey Mysterio, Matt Hardy (prior to his release), John Morrison, Daniel Bryan, R-Truth (prior to his heel turn), and Kofi Kingston.

After being a top heel, he's now the fifth or even sixth heel in WWE. But as I said, this match could help him solidify himself again, and I'll discuss the rivalry more in the next title.

Some people believed that he got a fast push similar to that of Sheamus', but I disagree. Sheamus only defeated some jobbers when he moved to RAW and quickly won the WWE Title. Del Rio, on the other hand, defeated many established superstars during his buildup and he even got in the ring with other top superstars like Edge and John Cena. And he proved during his buildup that he's ready to be a main eventer. The push isn't always about being early or late. You're either ready or you're not.

People might say that he got his push before other more deserving superstars. But, for me, that's not a good excuse not to push him. This always happens in WWE and we can say the same thing about many superstars who were pushed in the past. I've never seen Vince push superstars according to the "more deserving" order.

The only thing going against Alberto at the moment is that he's not receiving much heat from the crowd like he used to do before. This is due to many reasons, and the main one is that he's been stuck in many extremely repetitive segments and promos lately.

Sure, this can be said about many superstars, but it's different when it comes to him. Sometimes he appears in segments that he has no business in, just to say the same thing. He also appeared on both shows more than one time in the past to say the same thing again.

I know that WWE were trying hard to promote him but sometimes such moves could backfire. He did a good job to show how dominant he is and he was receiving solid heat. We could have lived without the repetitive appearances in many segments and shows. Keeping him in his show and his rivalries is enough.

He hasn't wrestled in many matches since Extreme Rules, and his current feud was more about promos. I hope WWE realize that they should include new ideas to his promos. I'm not saying that all his angles are boring, as he did have some nice segments in the past, but I hope we see more things from him later. A more heelish and less smiley character could work. He's an entertaining superstar so it won't be hard to keep him relevant.

On a side note, I hope his ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez, returns soon. He's now a main highlight in Del Rio's entrance.

Facing Big Show might be a good way to revive his destiny. Did we consider Undertaker and John Cena as afterthoughts or "lost in the shuffle" when they were feuding with Big Show? Of course not. Same thing applies here too. And as I said above, Show had a dominant run last year which should add interest to the match.

His last match against Kane was good to show how dominant he can be. Let's hope he and Big Show can put together a good match tonight.

P.S. Del Rio and Show faced each others before. Alberto won the match via count out after an interference from Ricardo. You can click here and watch the match.

Will Del Rio benefit from this feud?

I already said that this might be the best way for Del Rio to revive his destiny and reinstate himself as a serious threat to the WWE Champion. However, it might all depend on the result of the match and the rivalry overall.

What if Big Show won? What if he knocked him out? Will this damage his already shaken destiny? Will it be a huge blow for his run? I mean, Swagger and Punk were harmed a lot during their feuds against Big Show. Of course, I'm not blaming the giant here. It's more about how WWE booked them back then. Could this happen to Del Rio too?

Personally, I don't think he'll suffer the same fate as long as his status backstage is good. I mean, with all the time he's been given after his solid buildup, and after he established himself as a top superstar, I don't think they'll just decide to flush everything down the toilet. Punk and Swagger might have had different issues. Even if he loses the match, it depends on how he loses and, more importantly, on what happens next.

But for me, a perfect win against Big Show will put him back on the right track. Using some dirty tactics can help him, especially with the heat part. Maybe the match might not end cleanly and the rivalry might go on for a while. But Del Rio needs to end up winning this feud in order to gain momentum again.

Will Del Rio be the next WWE Championship contender?

According to several wrestling news sites, Del Rio might be the next challenger to John Cena's WWE Title. Many people are already considering this as a forgone conclusion.

However, those same dirt sheets reported several weeks ago that John Cena handpicked CM Punk as his next challenger. Rumors going around lately are pointing to CM Punk possibly leaving WWE this summer. And according to them, Cena chose the Straight Edge Savior as his next contender in order to keep him satisfied.

So what should we believe here? For me, I won't really read into all this news. Instead, I'll try to think about it on my own.

CM Punk was able to defeat John Cena on the last episode of RAW. If he beats Rey Mysterio, his chances of facing Cena might increase, unless the Truth/Cena rivalry continues.

As for Del Rio, it all depends on his match. The rivalry against Big Show might not end tonight. What if it went on for several weeks? If he stays relevant after this rivalry, I guess the perfect scenario for him is to win the Money in the Bank ladder match.

He may cash it in later against Cena, as soon as his next feud ends. This might allow Punk to get a title shot during this time before leaving.

I guess it all depends on the statuses of CM Punk and R-Truth, and on the possible return of John Morrison (who would go after Truth for sure).

So what do you think? Will the Mexican aristocrat win tonight? Is it his destiny to win? Will he rise again? Or will he lose more momentum? Will Big Show knock his destiny out? Tonight will give us a good preview of Alberto's destiny.

All thoughts and comments are welcome.