Taylor's Take on the Week That Was in College Football: Week Four

Scott TaylorCorrespondent ISeptember 24, 2008

Week Four of the college football season brought few surprises and few great games. There also were a lot of poorly played games (see the ACC).

Here are my thoughts from Week Four.



Why is Florida State over-hyped every year? Last year the Seminoles were hyped up because of the coaching changes, and they still fell flat on their faces. This year there was mixed speculation, but after beating up on two I-AA teams they found themselves back in the top 25.

All I heard about on the preview shows was their strong quarterback play in Christian Ponder and how the Wake Forest defense needed to be ready. The experts were right about that. The secondary had to be ready to catch all those passes thrown to them by the FSU quarterbacks.

Wake made several mistakes of its own, and FSU could not take advantage. The matchup of two of the best teams in the conference shows how bad the conference is.

Virginia Tech is on its way to another division championship after beating Georgia Tech and UNC the past two weeks. The Hokies should be thanking the refs for both those wins.

Two crucial, questionable penalties were called against the Yellow Jackets on the Hokies’ final scoring drive. North Carolina then had 14 penalties for 121 yards, while Tech had just four for 21 yards. That sure sounds fair to me.

On top of the refs giving Tech the advantage, the Hokies found luck in both games thanks to injury. Jonathan Dwyer was hurt for Georgia Tech and didn’t play much in the second half, while T.J. Yates of UNC got injured with the Heels up. I guess it is better to be lucky than good.


Big Ten

I am still wondering about the hype surrounding Terrelle Pryor. I know he will be a great player, but throwing four touchdown passes and scoring a whole 28 points against Troy isn’t something to be bragged about—yet he is.

I want him to do something special against a good team like Penn State or Wisconsin before I call him the next Vince Young. Another performance like that against Minnesota doesn’t count.

Penn State continues to dominate early in the season and looks to be the best in the conference. Too bad it has to travel to OSU and Wisky.

I can’t remember the last time a team has been so dependent on a single player at the running back position the way Michigan State is with Javon Ringer. He will likely be worn out for those crucial Big Ten games.


Big 12

There wasn’t too much prime action going on in the Big 12 Saturday. The big game was Colorado’s win over West Virginia. Dan Hawkins looks like he is bringing the Buffs back onto the national stage, especially with the freshman RBs.

Missouri played a sloppy game on offense with three turnovers and gave up a kickoff return for a touchdown. It still won by 21 points and scored 42. The only team stopping the Tigers will be themselves this year.


Big East

Things can’t get much worse for the conference, but at least Louisville beat Kansas State. West Virginia doesn’t look nearly as good as it did under Rich Rodriguez. There is still enough talent to win the pathetic conference, but South Florida might be the current favorite, although it hasn’t looked overly impressive either. How about UConn?

Rutgers has fallen off the face of the earth without Ray Rice, which shows how much he meant to the passing game as well. Mike Teel is a bad QB without Rice.

Some people got on my case about me picking the Cardinals second in the conference, saying how I had no clue about college football. Right now there is nothing that has made me change my mind about that the Cardinals given how bad the conference has looked, but we will see.



The Pac-10 has horribly embarrassed itself the past few weeks, and I don’t hear much about their fans anymore. UCLA’s win over Tennessee was clearly an aberration as the Bruins have looked brutal the past two weeks, losing to an Arizona team that got beat by New Mexico. Ouch!

I am still trying to figure out the second-best team in the conference, but after Oregon’s loss to Boise State, I have no idea. Arizona State is pretty bad after losing two straight home games. California got beat by Maryland after smoking Washington State. Oregon State has already lost to Penn State and a Stanford team that got smoked by ASU.

Right now I am going to go with Arizona because that offense is tough if it doesn’t commit stupid turnovers the way it did at New Mexico.

The non-conference slate goes to show you that defense wins championships, not offense, and all the Pac-10 has is offense (except USC of course).



All I can think about is Vanderbilt being 4-0, 2-0 in the SEC! It looks a lot better than I thought it would, that is for sure. The win at Ole Miss is a good win, especially with how well the Rebels played at Wake Forest, the best team in the ACC.

I turned on ESPN after Tennessee got beat up by Florida, and I heard the experts say that the Vols got dominated. I was wondering if they were watching the game. UT outgained Florida, kept Tim Tebow in check, and moved the ball up and down the field on the Gators, although at a slow pace.

Florida hardly dominated the game. The Vols just couldn’t tackle on special teams and couldn’t get out of their own way on offense. It had nothing to do with the Gators. If they didn’t self-destruct so much due to poor execution and bad coaching, the game would have been very close and the Vols probably would have won.

Phil Fulmer’s seat is getting hotter the more games that he gets out-coached. Let's see what Tommy Tuberville does to him this week.

Speaking of the Auburn coach, what another exciting Tiger bowl that took place. I still don’t know how LSU won that game when it looked dead for much of it and had to battle back against one of the best defenses around. All of the talent for LSU, especially on defense, is making up for its struggling QBs.

If this team still had Ryan Perrilloux, we would be talking about another championship. Even so, it still isn’t out of the question. The game with Georgia should be great.