WWE Elimination Chamber: 10 Things to Know About the RAW Elimination Chamber

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistFebruary 17, 2011

WWE Elimination Chamber: 10 Things to Know About the RAW Elimination Chamber

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    The WWE RAW Elimination Chamber certainly presents more of a main event feel in terms of star power that will be locked inside the confines of a gimmicked cage. 

    Four former world champions, all of whom would be considered favorites under different circumstances, are set to simultaneously compete in the Chamber match for what will be their last chance to headline WrestleMania if The Rock decides to maintain a non-wrestling role as guest host. 

    The writing is pretty much on the chains as far as who the winner of this match will be, but there are a handful of other caveats to be aware of come Sunday. 

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1. R-Truth Has Got No Shot

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    With a guaranteed slot in the main event at stake, don't look for R-Truth to sing or dance his way into a WrestleMania main event.  Nothing against R-Truth, who is entertaining in spots and very popular with the fans when he realizes what city he's in, but a WrestleMania main event has no place for a rapper gimmick not named John Cena. 

2. The Feud Between Orton and Punk Will Escalate

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    A hot non-title WrestleMania feud with a chance to steal the show is CM Punk against Randy Orton.  The two have been embroiled in a feud that was recently linked to events stemming from two years ago, and it is more than likely that the ongoing feud between these men will keep both of them from winning the WWE Championship. 

3. John Morrison Will Do SOMETHING

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    I cannot stress this enough, and even though I covered this in my 20 bold predictions article, I must re-emphasize. 

    The Elimination Chamber is basically bugged with possibilities in terms of high-risk spots, and John Morrison's unique Parkour wrestling style will give way to the spot of the night from Morrison which will be a nice consolation prize. 

4. Know Your Finishers

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    Group contests in WWE mean finishers, finishers and more finishers.  The chain finisher spot (of one wrestler to hit his finisher only to take a finisher seconds later) is almost a must in matches of this magnitude. 

    Finishers on the tough surfaces of the Elimination will also be a neat spot to look out for. 

5. Non-Title Elimination Chamber Match

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    This will be only the second time in history that the RAW Elimination Chamber match will not be contested for a world championship. 

    The winner of the RAW Elimination Chamber will become a No. 1 contender for the WWE Championship, thus guaranteeing them the right to compete for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania. 

6. Groundhog Day

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    Each Superstar competing in the RAW Elimination Chamber competed in the Elimination Chamber last year.  Morrison, CM Punk and R-Truth were each involved in the SmackDown Elimination Chamber, and John Cena, Randy Orton and Sheamus were involved in the RAW Elimination Chamber.

7. Superman's Kryptonite Is Not The Chamber

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    John Cena has competed three times in the Elimination Chamber match and lost but once.  In that sole loss, it took three consecutive finishers to take him down the same way an Elephant drops after about 20 potent tranquilizers. 

    Oddly enough, however, both times John Cena won an Elimination Chamber match he immediately lost the WWE Championship. 

    Cena dropped the WWE Championship title to Edge in 2006 after the Money in the Bank briefcase was cashed in for the first time ever, and again at last year's Elimination Chamber to Batista who was immediately named the No. 1 contender for the WWE Championship by Vince McMahon. 

8. Veteran Winners

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    Despite the eclectic mix of superstars involved in the Elimination Chamber match, there is little to no parity amongst past winners.

    Every winner of a RAW Elimination Chamber match has been a current or former world champion, and this is a pattern that is likely to continue this Sunday. 

9. John Cena Winning Is Pretty Much a Lock

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    WWE has been in full on surprise mode as of late, however, it would be an outright shocker if anybody other than John Cena won the RAW Elimination Chamber match. 

    The wheels have been set in motion for a feud between Cena and the Miz, and Cena has been made to look vulnerable coming into the event which tells me he will almost certainly get his heat back in the form of a momentous third Elimination Chamber win. 

10. Sheamus Is the Lost Man in All of This

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    With almost every Superstar in the RAW Elimination Chamber having a clear path to WrestleMania, Sheamus is somewhat of a wildcard after a sensational rookie year. 

    Sheamus is no longer a lock to face Triple H at WrestleMania, as has been widely speculated, with rumors beginning to surface that WWE may opt to go with Triple H and the Undertaker on the tenth anniversary of their memorable match at Wrestlemania X-Seven.

    Sheamus' stock has dropped considerably since capturing the WWE Championship last year, and despite winning the King of the Ring, Sheamus has done nothing more than parade around in a costume and do jobs to put over surging babyfaces a la John Morrison.

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