So Long Yankee Stadium

josh millarSenior Analyst ISeptember 24, 2008

Sunday night was the end of an era in sports.

We said a heartfelt tearful goodbye to a sports cathedral. Yankee Stadium.

It wasn’t a cathedral but it should have been. The Yankees are religion in New York after all.

It was meant for the big powerful Yankees, it came to symbolize an entire city. For Yankee stadium  wasn’t just about the Yankees as the name would suggest.

The New York Football Giants played there from 1956-1973. Among them the 1958 NFL title game against Baltimore commonly referred to as the greatest game ever played.

It was the host of many boxing extravaganzas and wrestling matches.

It was you see the pulse of New York.

It was a place synonymous with October baseball.

That fall chill above a roaring crowd. An   anxious anticipation.

You knew when you stepped into Yankee Stadium and saw the pinstripes you were witnessing greatness.

Beyond left field lies monument park.

If you listen closely you can almost hear their voices speaking to you, or so it would seem

But those voices are quiet now.

For Yankee stadium has opened its doors for the last time.

The voice now is one of sadness and regret that we didn’t enjoy it more while it was hear.

Memories are all that remain. Memories are all we’ll have.

Now it is time to create new memories.