Callin' on Angels

Scott FowlerCorrespondent ISeptember 24, 2008

Hey All you Readers out there...

All 85 of you!

This is a call to arms.

I'm working w/ a Boston writer for Bleacher Report to put together a bit of a combined preview of the upcoming (likely) Boston Red Sox and LA Angels Series.

I need some questions from the community, some angles to consider, etc.

What do you want us to breakdown, analyze, etc?

WE ALSO NEED SOME SUPPORT! Where's the Halos love? The visibility is going up, but let's rally behind this site, Angels fans! We need some love in this space.

I'm told that, with Baseballs best record at the moment, the Halos are the 4th least popular team in baseball on Bleacher Report.

What the ****?

SERIOUSLY!? I know we have a smaller vocal fanbase, but 27th out of 30? SERIOUSLY!?

We need to change that.

Enough Yankee this, Red Sox that, we're even playing in the Dodger shadow again w/ their playoff hunt.

What's the deal with THAT?  SERIOUSLY? The Dodgers!?

When was their last playoff win?

So if you haven't already signed up as a  Halos fan, do it! also spread the word! We need to get all your friends together, show 'em that 3 Million Plus attendance every year means THE OC KNOWS what the rest of the country is about the find out...

The Angels are the best team in baseball.