Kyle Orton Is a Butter-Face

An'dre TriplettCorrespondent ISeptember 24, 2008

I have been waiting to write this article as I have recently come out of a Chicago Bears depression caused by Sunday's loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Now that I have come back to reality, I will sound off on Mr. Kyle Orton.

How many bad throws, misreads, and three-and-out drives can a guy lead a team on?  The answer is several, as we witnessed on Sunday.

I believe Kyle Orton is a "butter-face."  He's like the guy or girl you see at a supermarket or on the street that has great "assets" but all the parts put together make them as unattractive as Jabba the Hut in Star Wars.

This guy is getting harder to watch by the week and we're only going into week four.  Stay close to Lovie Smith, Rex; you may get the nod sooner than you think. 

Orton needs to improve his play and decision making sooner rather than later, as the Bears can ill afford to keep losing games while the rest of the division moves ahead.

Orton needs to start looking down field more and take advantage of Brandon Lloyd.  It seems that Lloyd is establishing himself as Orton's go-to guy.  Should this be the case then Orton had better take advantage of his No. 1 receiver like all good quarterbacks do in the NFL

I'm not saying that Orton is a quarterback in the caliber of a Tom Brady, but he can be viable when the mistakes are eliminated.

If Orton starts looking down field more, instead of taking what the defense gives him, it will stretch the field and open up more running lanes for Matt Forte, who has been better than expected so far.  Even if the passes are incomplete, the defense will start to think that the Bears are capable of going deep at any point during the game.

If he doesn't try to stretch the field, opposing teams' defensive coordinators will start to creep more defenders into the box, as the Bears' passing game will not be respected at all as the season continues.  The Philadelphia Eagles come to mind, as they are the next opponent and they had eight sacks of Big Ben Roethlisberger last Sunday. 

The Eagles' defensive coordinator Jim Johnson is a master of the blitz and disguising his blitz packages, so Orton had better watch plenty of film to ensure that he doesn't permanently become part of the Soldier Field grass.

Orton can still lose his "butter-face" status.  To do so he needs to watch more film than he has in the last few seasons, which should improve his play, which in turn will make him more "attractive" to the fans.  Were I in his shoes, I would be watching film night and day looking for voids in the areas that the Eagle defenders are blitzing from. 

I guarantee that there will be opportunities for Orton and the Bears to go deep down field.  The Cowboys took advantage of this when they played the Eagles two weeks ago on Monday night.  The Bears need to watch the film of the Cowboys' offensive series.  They will learn something. 

Despite the bad throws, the three-and-outs, and the interceptions thrown by Orton, the offense hasn't looked that bad.  Matt Forte has been a bright spot so far and so has the offensive line.

I was one who thought that Orton or Grossman, whoever was chosen to start, would need vast amounts of painkillers, as I thought the line was going to be one of the weaker positions on the team.  I am glad to say that I have been proved wrong to this date.  We still have 14 weeks to go, though.

I sincerely hope that the Bears' offense can get on track. Should this sub-par play continue from Orton, it could start to divide the locker room about who they think should be getting the starts. 

My humble advice would be for Kyle "Butter-Face" Orton to throw the damn ball down field, to take a line from Keyshawn Johnson, and try to score on one play. If it is not successful this will cause the defense to slow down just enough for a deep completion to be made eventually during the game.

Now is the time for the offense to step their game up and hopefully show what they can do against a top team.  My fingers are crossed, my rabbit's foot is sewn to my Urlacher jersey, I haven't stepped on any cracks this week nor have I walked under any ladders, and I haven't seen any black cats, so hopefully my collective good luck can find its way to Orton and the boys. 

Good luck during this week of preparation for the Eagles.  Make every practice and film session count as Brian Dawkins and the Eagles defense loom large on the horizon.