The Truth About Romeo Crennel...

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The Truth About Romeo Crennel...

     I was wondering why Romeo Crennel was the Brown's pick as a head coach. After the Brown's start this season, the entire Brown's nation may be wondering the same thing.

     Obviously the success of the New England Patriots made him a commodity, but did Crennel deserve any credit for that success? That's what I wanted to find out. To do this, I went back to his seasons as the Pat's defensive coordinator. He was there from '01 through '04. During those 4 seasons, the Patriot defense gave up an average of 17 points a game. That's a decent stat, and with Brady at the healm of the offense, it assured success.

     I'll also give Romeo the benefit of the doubt; teams playing New England were usually trailing so the defense faced teams who were throwing and scrambling to come back. This could very well lead to a slightly inflated "points against" stat.

     However, in the past 3 seasons the Patriots have had to do without Crennel's stewardship on defense. Still, they gave up an average of 17 points a game for these three seasons. No decline, no improvement. In fact, much of their defense has aged since Crennel. They've also lost a couple stars.

     I feel that Romeo Crennel has been blessed to work for exceptional head coaches and, as a result, has appeared much more talented than he is. I don't say this in a mean spirit. He's a decent man and I respect him as a person but NOT as a coach.

     As I've written before, it's time to accept that Romeo's last season with the Browns is this season. Often times draft picks are a bust; so are coaches. College talent doesn't always translate to NFL talent and assistant coaches don't make head coaches.

     I wish Romeo the best, but I wish it for him outside of Cleveland. 



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