WWE Wrestlemania XXVII: It's Time for Undertaker vs. John Cena

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WWE Wrestlemania XXVII: It's Time for Undertaker vs. John Cena

The return of The Rock has been a huge boost for the WWE in the road to Wrestlemania XXVII. His appearance in last night’s RAW was the most commented topic in the social networks, and the monster pop he received is probably the biggest I’ve seen in my life.

Vince McMahon can take a breath. The sole presence of The Rock guarantees Wrestlemania XXVII to be a success. However, it’s probably not enough to make it reach the million buys that have been mentioned as this year’s goal.

We already have an idea of how the card will look. The card still lacks an epic bout. There could be some great matches, but there is no clear must-see Wrestlemania material.

Edge vs Alberto del Rio? I think it will be an outstanding match and Del Rio will deliver his first big night, but I also admit that he still needs time to become a top-name in WWE.

John Cena vs The Miz? It’s too lopsided. No matter how popular The Miz has become, we all know Cena will get the victory, even if Alex Riley, Michael Cole and the Atlanta Falcons defensive line get involved.

The Undertaker vs Triple H? It’s still just a rumor. Anyway, we already saw this.

Randy Orton vs CM Punk? With no title on the line, it’s not big enough, although it could also be a fantastic match.

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However, there is one match that would make this Wrestlemania special. That match is The Undertaker vs John Cena.

Let’s think about Taker and Cena’s current options for Atlanta:

Undertaker vs Wade Barrett: It was the first rumored feud for the Deadman but it was supposedly ruled out a few weeks ago. Good decision.

At this moment, any rival for the streak has to be a credible menace. Wade isn’t. Yes, he could get help from The Corre, but that would backfire.

If anyone is going to end the streak someday, it has to been cleanly. And if Taker wins despite the intervention of The Corre, you make the entire stable to look too weak.

Undertaker vs Sting: This is a terrible idea for THIS Wrestlemania. Yes, in this case you have a legitimate threat for the streak, but it’s a lose-lose situation.

Let’s say Sting wins. What? A guy who had never worked for WWE gets the biggest victory ever in the history of the company? Let’s say Taker wins. You spent years trying to bring this legend to WWE, just to make him lose his first match?

If Sting actually signs with WWE, he should have his own storyline for WM. I have a couple of ideas and will write it in another article later.

Undertaker vs Triple H. I don’t like this for three reasons: 1) We already saw this match in WM; 2) if they add the “Career vs Streak” stipulation, well, we already saw this in WM, too; 3) to make it credible, Triple H and Shawn Michaels would have to turn heel.

Considering Taker vs Michaels II ended with both legends showing mutual respect for each other, why would Triple H be so angry against Taker to seek revenge? Michaels wouldn’t want his best friend to put his own career on the line, unless he has changed his mind about accepting his defeat as a gentleman.

That’s what makes their heel turn necessary for this match. Why making HBK a heel when he is going to the Hall of Fame the night before WM? Why making Triple H a heel just for one month and then say goodbye?

One more factor: The Undertaker doesn’t need another ended career in his resume. If HHH is actually ready to finish his in-ring career, I’d say it would be better to use his last match to give Sheamus his first clean win.

John Cena vs The Miz. As I mentioned lines before, it’s just too obvious who will win. This is not a real challenge for Cena like facing Batista, Shawn Michaels or triple-threats. How the hell is The Miz supposed to beat SuperCena? This is expected to be the main event, so it should have a clean finish.

Of course, WWE could give us a huge surprise and give The Miz the victory…but hell will freeze before they let Cena to lose cleanly in the biggest PPV of the year.

John Cena vs CM Punk. I actually like this match and would be happy to pay for it, even if Cena wins. However, it seems clear that Punk will face Randy Orton.

John Cena vs The Rock. Hey, this would be a dream match, but let’s face it, we know it’s not going to happen. At least not in Atlanta.

Even if The Rock decides to wrestle again, it seems unlikely to see him in a WM match considering he already has the guest host role. He may be involved in one match (probably Cena vs Miz) and that could be the trigger for him to resume his in-ring career, at least for a short period.

There are a lot of good reasons to have this match now, not delaying it for next year or never scheduling:

What if Undertaker is ready to retire? We all expect Taker to stay one more year to go for 20-0 in WM XXVIII, but with all the injuries he has suffered in the past years he could decide it’s time to hang up boots.

If that’s the case he would need a worthy opponent for his last match, either another legend (no matter the outcome) or a young star on the rise who gets to end the streak.

He already beat most of the few active big names. Chris Jericho would be a nice choice, but his return doesn’t seem likely. Among the new starts, there are a few (John Morrison, Wade Barrett, Alberto del Rio, Sheamus) who could be good choices for Taker’s last match, but none is yet on that level. One more year and a proper buildup and that’s another story.

This is just one step before 20-0. Of course, the most likely scenario is that we will still have one more year of The Deadman. In that case, he needs to face someone who is a legitimate threat to the streak. Nobody is in the current roster, except Cena.

Despite losing in Wrestlemania XXV, Shawn Michaels was still a credible menace due to the stipulation of the rematch. Call it denial, but there were many fans who believed HBK was going to win.

There is not other “realistic” choice than John Cena. Well, maybe Triple H or Sting, but I already stated why those would be bad ideas. Kane? It would be too obvious Taker will get his revenge, same case of Barrett and the others who helped Kane at Bragging Rights.

John Cena needs a true challenge. It has become too predictable to see Cena winning—especially in major PPVs—so WWE can’t afford to put him in a match everybody knows he will win.

The Miz? Cena wins. CM Punk? Cena wins. Randy Orton? Not going to happen this year. The Rock? Keep dreaming.

The Undertaker is that challenge Cena’s character needs. Who could predict the outcome of this match? Yes, many smartasses will make their bets and brag about it if they get it right, but the truth is we won’t know for sure.

A defeat would be a good reason for Cena’s heel turn. Yes, we all want John to become a heel, but something big has to happen to start that process.

“If Cena joins the Nexus he will become heel”. Yeah, right, he was forced to get orders from a heel he hated; that’s a perfect excuse to become one.

“Cena has become stale; he has to go back to the rapper gimmick”. And exactly why would he do that?

Losing against Taker would be a good trigger. “Never give up” is Cena’s motto, so he would seek for a rematch after Wrestlemania. A losing streak could frustrate Cena, especially with the crowd cheering for The Deadman more and more in each match, leading to a definitive heel turn in SummerSlam.

Yes, I know this seems impossible to schedule this year, but there are ways to make it happen.

WWE could let John Morrison win in the Elimination Chamber to face The Miz in Wrestlemania. He has been booked very strong recently, so a victory for him would be credible.

Maybe that feud doesn’t seem to be WM main event material, but it wouldn’t matter with a Taker vs Cena bout in the card. And with six weeks to hype it and the memory of their New Year’s match, it could wok.

Triple H can return and focus on getting revenge from Sheamus instead of going against The Undertaker.

Randy Orton and CM Punk will probably eliminate each other in the EC (Orton could pin Punk, then Punk interfere to make Orton lose), which would lead to their matchup in Atlanta.

And, finally, here is where The Rock’s guest host role becomes relevant. He already started the trash talk against Cena. He could do more of this after EC, daring Cena to go for a bigger challenge while also looking for a way to get Taker’s attention. Heck, he could even be the special guest referee for this match.

It’s just an idea; I’m sure Creative Staff could fin a better way to script this. Well, not 100 percent sure, but I trust them. Ok, not so much, but hope is all I have.

It’s time for this match. C’mon WWE, make it happen.

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