Ferguson Tells Ronaldo: "Leave a Hero Like Eric"

Dev AshishAnalyst ISeptember 24, 2008

In the manager's column in the Middlesbrough match programme, Sir Alex Ferguson seeked to clear all the rumours surrounding Cristiano Ronaldo once and for all by insisting that Ronaldo is here to stay.

Ferguson believes Ronaldo has well and truly put all the furore regarding his Real move and is completely committed to United for now.

Ferguson added,"Graeme Souness was right when he said on TV recently that just as Italians playing abroad all dream of playing one day for Juventus or the Milan clubs, so the southern Europeans want at some point to play for Real Madrid or Barcelona."

"So I understood what was going on in Cristiano Ronaldo's mind when he declared that he wanted to join Real, but once we had talked he accepted that it was a move for the future."

"Ronaldo came to accept that at this stage of his career, United is the right place for him," stressed the United boss.

He added, "I pointed out to him how much better it would be to leave like Eric Cantona with the fans loving and appreciating him."

"The crowd still chant Cantona’s name and I told Cristiano: 'Leave a hero like Eric' and one day he will…but not yet of course!"

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrated his first start this season with a goal against Middlesbrough and showed that he is ready to boost United's attack, which has not fired much yet in the league.

Whether Ronaldo can dedicate himself to Sir Alex's dream or follow his own dream, only time can tell.

Though Ferguson might want Ronaldo to leave Old Trafford as cherished as "King" Eric, before being compared with legends like Eric Cantona Ronaldo has to prove his loyalty and commitment to the club as well as to every United fan.