NBA Trade Rumors: 10 Teams That May Have Interest In NY Knicks Anthony Randolph

Peter HillCorrespondent IIFebruary 15, 2011

NBA Trade Rumors: 10 Teams That May Have Interest In NY Knicks Anthony Randolph

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    We are just over one week away from the inevitable trade deadline.

    The rumors are heating up, and everyone wants to know who is going where.

    Anthony Randolph has been involved in trade rumors for months now, and they will likely continue until the last minute.

    There is without a doubt untapped potential waiting to explode out of Randolph.

    Whether Randolph turns the corner this year, five years from now, or never, is a complete mystery.

    The 21 year old out of Louisiana State is commonly known as a "point-forward," a very valuable type of player in the NBA.

    News broke today that Randolph's agent has officially requested his client to be traded from New York. While this might not be a big surprise, the teams looking to acquire Randolph may be.

    So who might go after Randolph? What kind of value does he really have? What team would he fit in well with? All these questions and more will be answered.

    Here is a peak at the 10 teams most likely to make a run at Randolph.

10. Orlando Magic

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    Bass is solid for the Magic, but undersized down lowElsa/Getty Images

    General Manager Otis Smith might disagree, but the Magic need more size.

    While Randolph may be a little too young and raw, he would help the Magic in a few ways.

    He is a quick, tall, athletic, and a point-forward that won’t clog the paint. The fact that Randolph can get out of the paint and let Dwight Howard work down low is enough reason to look into this trade.

    His playing style fits right in-between what Ryan Anderson and Brandon Bass bring to the table.

    Anderson is a finesse power forward that can step out and drain threes. On the other hand, Bass is an undersized banger that will battle for rebounds all day.

    Randolph can drive past slower defenders, help Dwight on double teams, and not turn the ball over carelessly.

    Trading for Randolph might come with a learning curve, but he can help the Magic moving forward.

    Consider dealing Quentin Richardson, Daniel Orton, or one of your trade exceptions Orlando.

9. Oklahoma City Thunder

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    It's time Mullens saw a new opportunityKevin C. Cox/Getty Images

    Oklahoma City is undoubtedly very young and talented.

    Youngsters Kevin Durant, Jeff Green, and Russell Westbrook lead this highly touted group.

    So it would only make sense to add more developing talent, right?

    Anthony Randolph could be that guy.

    Oklahoma City has some expendable players in B.J. Mullens and Royal Ivey.

    If I were the Knicks, going after a player like Mullens could make sense.

    He oozes potential like Randolph, has two years left on his rookie deal, and could really benefit from a change of scenery.

    On the flip side, Randolph could help the Thunder in many ways.

    Randolph is extremely quick and athletic, which fits the mold of the entire Thunder team.

    Imagine a lineup two years from now consisting of Westbrook, Durant, Green, Randolph, and Ibaka. Try and think of a taller and more athletic lineup than that!

    Make the move Oklahoma City, and cherish it a few years from now.

8. Houston Rockets

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    Lee is the subject of trade rumors againElsa/Getty Images

    It would not be the trade deadline if Courtney Lee’s name was not mentioned.

    Suiting up for his third team in three years, few players move more than Lee.

    Lee is a good scoring guard that could play for any team in the NBA (maybe one day he will).

    With rumors of Lee being shipped out once again, the Rockets should consider Anthony Randolph.

    Randolph would help provide more stability in the front court for the Rockets. Ever since Yao Ming went down for the year (again), Luis Scola has been the only consistent option down low.

    Brad Miller, Jordan Hill, and Patrick Patterson can't seem to be consistent on a nightly basis.

    It would take some tinkering with the contract situation, but Lee for Randolph is possible.

    If the Rockets decide not to trade Lee, they should ship out Terrance Jennings.

    Since Jennings rarely sees the floor, why not trade him for a player with potential like Randolph?

7. Indiana Pacers

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    Brandon Rush is supposedly trade bait after falling down the depth chartChristian Petersen/Getty Images

    Larry Bird is extremely conservative when it comes to making trades.

    However, it’s time for Larry to do something!

    Bird and the coaches are comfortable playing Danny Granger, Mike Dunleavy, Dahntay Jones, and rookie Paul George on the perimeter.

    That decision leaves one wing out of the mix, shooting guard Brandon Rush.

    Since the Pacers have no immediate hopes of making a playoff run, trading Rush for Randolph is a solid move.

    As much as Larry doesn’t want to hear this, Josh McRoberts and Tyler Hansbrough are not going to cut it in the NBA.

    Inserting Randolph would give the Pacers an added dimension they don’t have, and that's explosiveness.

    Between Hibbert, Foster, Hansbrough, and McRoberts, the Pacers probably have the slowest front court in the league.

    Get up to speed with the rest of the NBA Larry, and trade Rush for Randolph.

6. Washington Wizards

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    Josh Howard is not in the Wizards long term plansGreg Fiume/Getty Images

    Anthony Randolph to the Wizards is a great move for many reasons.

    The Wizards are in a rebuilding mode, basing that project around rookie John Wall.

    Why not add another young piece to the puzzle?

    Randolph would help John Wall open up the floor. Randolph’s speed, leaping ability, quickness, and capability to drive to the bucket could help Wall infinitely.

    Add that in with the fact that Randolph is only 21, and you have another young piece to build around Wall.

    The Knicks could get some value in return with Josh Howard.

    Howard, who has an expiring contract, can still score like he did in Dallas.

    He scored 16 points in just 25 minutes after returning from a knee injury. If Howard does not fit into the Knicks rotation, they can simply sit him on the bench (exactly what Randolph has been doing) and wait for his contract to expire.

    That’s a win-win for both teams in this potential trade.

5. Charlotte Bobcats

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    Apparently everyone is available for trade in CharlotteKevin C. Cox/Getty Images

    The trade possibilities of Randolph to Charlotte are infinite.

    The Bobcats unofficially announced that every player on their team is up for grabs. Rumors include seeking the trade values of their best players, Steven Jackson and Gerald Wallace.

    While the Bobcats would not trade Wallace or Jackson for Randolph, don't forget who their owner is.

    Michael Jordan already seems like a loose cannon as an owner. Also, would it really surprise you if Jordan made a bold move to try and help his team?

    After looking at the rosters, one deal seems to make a lot of sense.

    The Bobcats could exchange Gerald Henderson for Anthony Randolph straight up.

    Both players have nearly identical contracts with two years left.

    Both players have been underachieving so far in their careers.

    Both players would be able to fit into the other teams system.

    Last, both players could definitely use a change of scenery.

    Expect Jordan to take a risk before the deadline, meaning Randolph could be in his future plans.

4. New Orleans Hornets

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    Thortons ability to run and shoot threes would fit perfect with the KnicksChris Graythen/Getty Images

    Everyone knows the Hornets organization is all about keeping Chris Paul happy.

    With only two years left on his contract, the Hornets have to do everything they can to make CP3 stay put.

    While Randolph might be a little young for Chris Paul to be completely satisfied, it’s a big first step.

    Surveying the Hornets roster, one thing in particular catches the eye.

    Besides David West, New Orleans has no other power forward presence.

    Randolph could bring in his point-forward abilities and make the Hornets a whole new team.

    The deal would be a success for both teams if Marcus Thornton is shipped to New York.

    With Marcus’ minutes going up and down like a seesaw this year, it’s apparent that he is an expendable player.

    Marcus loves to run down the court and shoot threes, making him an instant favorite with D’Antoni.

    Even though this move is pretty unlikely, it would help Chris Paul stay. That's what it's all about in New Orleans, right?

3. Portland Trail Blazers

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    Lamarcus needs some help down lowChristian Petersen/Getty Images

    Talk about a team in need of big men, the Trail Blazers are hurting bad.

    With major injuries to big men Greg Oden and Marcus Camby, the Blazers need help.

    It had long been rumored that the Blazers were offering New York a first round pick for Randolph.

    If that offer still holds, the Blazers could be in for a big second half run.

    LaMarcus Aldridge has been playing like a mad man since being snubbed out of the All Star game. Just watching him play it’s obvious that he is on a mission.

    On top of that, Marcus Camby is supposed to be back at some point this year.

    So even though the Blazers are currently ailing without Brandon Roy and Marcus Camby, Portland is not out of it.

    With the return of Roy and Camby, on top of the addition of Anthony Randolph, Portland would be a seriously dangerous team.

    Portland may have to offer more to land Randolph, but it will all be worth it after upsetting a Western Conference favorite.

    Make the move here Portland, Randolph can be your first big man off the bench come playoff time.

2. Minnesota Timberwolves

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    Brewer and his expiring contract could be on the move before the trade deadlineChristian Petersen/Getty Images

    After staying relatively quiet in trade talks, the T-Wolves are picking up momentum.

    They have made Corey Brewer available in trade talks, meaning their roster could be in line for an overhaul.

    In a quickly growing rumor, Minnesota allegedly has serious interest in Randolph.

    Minnesota has supposedly trumped Portland’s offer for Randolph, by presenting a higher pick to New York.

    If it were not for the ongoing trade talks of Carmelo to New York, Randolph might already be in Minnesota.

    Randolph would be an intriguing fit with the Timberwolves, since his style is so much different.

    With big men Kevin Love and Darko Milicic, Minnesota does not have a whole lot of speed in the front court.

    Adding the quickness of Randolph would make the Timberwolves a totally new animal going forward.

    If New York can’t land Carmelo, fully expect Randolph to end up in Minnesota by this time next week.

1. Denver Nuggets

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    Randolph could easily be a throw in player for CarmeloDoug Pensinger/Getty Images

    Probably half the teams on this list have more interest in Randolph than the Nuggets.

    However, with the Carmelo Anthony to New York talks having gone on forever now, Randolph seems like a likely piece to be involved.

    Tons of speculative trade scenarios have been laid out between the Knicks and Nuggets. It would be hard to find one between the teams that does not include Randolph.

    Rumors today stated the Knicks were the latest team to reject an offer from Denver.

    The New York front office claims the Nuggets want too much for Anthony, especially when Carmelo will be a free agent this summer.

    However, these trade talks are far from over.

    Expect the possibility of Randolph going to Denver to come right down to the end. With just over a week left before the trade deadline, more rumors will come out every day.

    So where will Randolph end up? At this point no one knows, and that’s the great part about it!