WWE February 21st Promo Is About Undertaker: Only It's Not Him

John KindelanAnalyst IIIFebruary 15, 2011

Bold statement I know, but I've been pretty good on predictions thus far, and after analyzing the video and looking into some other photos and images, along with my background in art, I'd wager I'm correct on this one. Let's look at the facts, break down what we know, and analyze the most recent images.

Here's what we've seen since the February 21st promotions began and the Internet rumors of Sting began to fly because of the long trench coat and the IWC crying for it. When it's looked into we have no official information at all in regards to Sting signing with the WWE. To add fuel to the fire, especially on this site, article after article is written and fan created images of Sting holding an Undertaker playing card and the Wrestlemania logo light up the pages.

The promotions continue and now music is added, a Johnny Cash song, "Ain't No Grave," is added to the visual of a man in a trench coat and boots. This obviously switches the IWC gears to put it at the return of Taker, as he too wears the long trench coat. Seeing as the last time we saw him he was buried alive in a grave, the words and song were fitting. But still, the Sting rumors swirl and don't go away; it's now about Taker coming back and taking on Sting.

Fast forward to the Monday Night Raw of February 14th we get a promo for February 21st again. It has the music and we now see a man with long hair, a trench coat in black wearing an Undertaker looking top, and MMA gloves walk by the window. Everyone sighs and says "awww...see it's Taker." The video continues and we get a close up shot of his chest, rolling up we see the bottom of his face and...wait...


Possible Spoiler


Here's where a profile artist sees a difference. The chin is wrong, the jaw is wrong, there's no beard, the lips are clearly different, where's the scarring from the famous Sara tattoo, where are the new tattoos? They aren't there, why? Because that's not The Undertaker.

We see a man in an Undertake type outfit. HBK did this for Wrestlemania 25.

We see a man with no neck tattoos or scarring from past tattoos.

The hair color is lighter, more blondish brown. 

We see a more narrow chin, thinner lips, a blondish brown mustache, long hair, and what I'll call, for lack of a better term, a slight "who-ville"esque philtrum.

It's the space between your nose and upper lip where you have the groove, which on this person is puffed out slightly. Who has all those features, would wear a trench coat and hat and has long hair? Shawn Michaels.

But Shawn's retired, he's not wrestling any longer. Why would we have a promo like this for a man who's being inducted into the Hall of Fame, but not having a match. Again you have to ask who would be tied to a dark Shawn Michaels? Cue the man outside. A second man in a long black coat walking to the cabin "returning home'" possibly? Making his return and being shown what needs to be done by a mentor, a partner, a friend. Welcome back Triple H. A dark side Triple H led by a dark Shawn Michaels. 

Is this a far stretch? At Wrestlemania 25 Shawn attempted to beat Taker with the Light, donned a white garb similar to Takers outfit, but he failed and lost. Even the light could not defeat the Undertaker's darkness. The following year he goes after Taker again. While Hunter pleaded for him to reconsider since it was a career ending match, he went on with it, lost and left the WWE.

Shawn announced his retirement to the WWE Universe on an episode of Monday Night RAW after that Triple H came to the stage and began a speech about his best friend Shawn, talking of their great times, their partnerships and his respect for his oldest friend in the business. But before he could finish his speech and get to the end he was blind sided by Sheamus, taken out of action and we haven't seen him in months. Everyone therefore expects H to battle Sheamus upon his return, but what if when he returns he finishes that speech, what if his intentions were not just to say goodbye to his partner in crime (aka DX) but to say he would avenge him and end Taker's streak once and for all?

Do we really want a returning Triple H to come back to take on Sheamus, a man whom has been losing matches to John Morrison and harassing Mark Henry? Sheamus and Triple H will happen but if Hunter comes back he has to come back with an important match for mania. He will be a dark Triple H (as seen in the WWE comics) and he will have a dark HBK at ringside.

Next week we will see the return of HHH and the Game begins against the Deadman.

Here is a link to a You Tube video showing last nights promo, pause it at 25 seconds in, you tell me if you think that looks like The Undertaker's chin and chest.