WWE: The Rock Proves Why He Is the Greatest WWE Superstar of All Time

Jake TannerContributor IFebruary 15, 2011

We heard the rumors all week long, we had heard them many many times in past years and "Finally" they came true. The Rock is back and he is hosting Wrestlemania 27, it was indeed an electrifying night on Raw and a night which won't be forgotten. On Monday Night Raw in just a 20 minute promo The Rock proved why he is the greatest superstar in the history of the WWE.

The music hit and we heard arguably the loudest pop on Raw in the last three years and considering the fact that half the crowd was full of 11-year-olds its pretty damn impressive. The electricity was in the air, as soon as he stepped in the ring and the music stopped the arena filled with "Rocky" chants then the Rock got on the mic and did what he does better then anyone and he entertained!

He touched on many topics and he may have done two things that will change WWE forever again. By completely ripping the script weather Vince McMahon let him or not he may have ended the PG Era of WWE, he pretty much said everything he would in 2001 and the crowd loved it. Rock went onto talk about John Cena and within 30 seconds of mentioning his name he may have turned Cena heel. You know you have a big impact on an industry when you can do those two things in just five minutes of mic time.

The Rock was a trending topic on Twitter he was the main topic on Facebook and its a sure thing that WWE.com had more hits tonight then it did all week. The Rock turned a 2011 boring crowd into a 2005 Electrified crowd, he had his old fans glued into every word he said and gave hope to many fans that WWE is worth watching up till Wrestlemania at least.

The Rock put on a show for the fans and this was after seven years, he did everything that a fan could have asked for and proved that he is indeed the greatest entertainer in the history of sports entertainment, he proved that he is the most versatile superstar the company has ever seen and the impact he had tonight proves why The Rock is the greatest WWE superstar ever.

I don't know about you but I smell a good month coming for WWE.